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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Scegliere questo appartamento vuol dire trovarsi in un oasi di pace e tranquillit, immersi nel suggestivo paesaggio toscano. Scopri tutti i vincitori Campania. RTEmagicC_6c48adefa2.jpg.jpg' alt='Action Strings Keygen Mac' title='Action Strings Keygen Mac' />DELL PS M4. USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Dell Chassis Management Controller Firmware Version 4. Users Guide. CAUTION A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid the problem. WARNING A WARNING indicates a potential for property damage, personal injury, or death. Dell Inc. Trademarks used in this text Dell, the Dell logo, Dell Boomi, Dell Precision, Opti. Plex. Contents Notes, Cautions, and Warnings. Overview. What Is New In This Release. Key Features. Management Features. Security Features. Chassis Overview. CMC Port Information. Minimum CMC Version. Supported Remote Access Connections. Supported Platforms. Supported Web Browsers. Setting Chassis Physical Location and Chassis Name. Setting Chassis Physical Location and Chassis Name Using Web Interface. Setting Chassis Physical Location and Chassis Name Using RACADM. Setting Date and Time on CMC. Setting Date and Time on CMC Using CMC Web Interface. Setting Date and Time on CMC Using RACADM. Updating Server i. DRAC Firmware Using RACADM. Updating Server Component Firmware. Enabling Lifecycle Controller. Filtering Components for Firmware Updates. Viewing Firmware Inventory. Lifecycle Controller Job Operations. Recovering i. DRAC Firmware Using CMC 5 Viewing Chassis Information and Monitoring Chassis and Component Health. Viewing Chassis Component Summaries. Configuring Virtual LAN Tag Properties for CMC Using RACADM. Mary J Blige Greatest Hits Rapidshare. Configuring Services. Configuring Services Using CMC Web Interface. Configuring Services Using RACADM. Configuring CMC Extended Storage Card. Setting Up Chassis Group. Adding Members to Chassis Group. Removing a Member from the Leader. Configuring Remote File Share. Configuring BIOS Settings Using Server Clone. Accessing BIOS Profile Page. Adding or Saving Profile. Managing Stored Profiles. Applying Profile. Importing Profile. Exporting Profile. Editing Profile. Deleting Profile. Viewing BIOS Settings. Configuring CMC For Single Sign On Or Smart Card Login. System Requirements. Client Systems. Prerequisites For Single Sign On Or Smart Card Login. Generating Kerberos Keytab File. Configuring CMC For Active Directory Schema. Configuring Browser For SSO Login. Configuring Browser For Smart Card Login. Viewing World Wide NameMedia Access Control WWNMAC IDs. Fabric Configuration. WWNMAC Addresses. Command Messages. Flex. Address DELL SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT 1. Managing IO Fabric. Fabric Management Overview. Invalid Configurations. Fresh Power up Scenario. Monitoring IOM Health. Broadcasting to Servers. Managing i. KVM From CMC. Enabling or Disabling Access to i. KVM from Front Panel. Enabling Access to i. KVM from the Dell CMC Console 1. Strategy Game Programming With Directx 9 Source more. Managing and Monitoring Power. Redundancy Policies. AC Redundancy Policy. Server Performance Over Power Redundancy. Remote Logging. External Power Management. Configuring Power Budget and Redundancy Using CMC Web Interface. Configuring Power Budget and Redundancy Using RACADM. Executing Power Control Operations. Executing Power Control Operations on the Chassis. Executing Power Control Operations on a Server. Enclosure Status Screen. IP Summary Screen. Diagnostics. LCD Hardware Troubleshooting. Front Panel LCD Messages. LCD Error Messages. LCD Module and Server Status Information 1. Frequently Asked Questions. RACADM. Managing and Recovering a Remote System. Active Directory. The Dell Chassis Management Controller CMC is a systems management hardware and software solution for managing multiple Dell blade chassis. It is a hot pluggable module that sits at the back of Dell Power. Edge M1. 00. 0e chassis. The CMC has its own microprocessor and memory and is powered by the modular chassis into which it is plugged. Firmware update of server components such as BIOS, Network Controllers, Storage Controllers, and so on across multiple servers in the chassis using Lifecycle Controller. Dell Open. Manage software integration Enables you to launch the CMC Web interface from Dell Open. Manage Server Administrator or IT Assistant. Secure Sockets Layer SSL encryption Provides secure remote system management through the Web interface. Launch point for the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller i. DRAC Web interface. Support for WS Management. Flex. Address feature Replaces the factory assigned World Wide NameMedia Access Control WWNMAC IDs with chassis assigned WWNMAC IDs for a particular slot, an optional upgrade. GB Port STK Port CMC Port Information The following TCPIP ports are required to remotely access CMC through firewalls. These are the ports CMC listens to for connections. Table 1. CMC Server Listening Ports Port Number Function Telnet HTTP SNMP Agent 4. HTTPS Configurable port. Port Number Function 5. Remote syslog LDAPS 3. LDAPS for global catalog GC Configurable port Minimum CMC Version The following table lists the minimum CMC version required to enable the listed Blade Servers. Table 3. Minimum CMC Version for Blade Servers Servers Minimum version of CMC Power. Edge M6. 00. IOM Switches Minimum version of CMC Dell 1. Mb Ethernet Pass Through CMC 1. Dell 4. Gbps FC Pass Through Module CMC 1. Dell 84. Gbps FC SAN Module CMC 1. Dell 1. 0Gb Ethernet Pass Through CMC 2. Dell 1. 0Gb Ethernet Pass Through II CMC 3. Dell 1. 0Gb Ethernet Pass Through K CMC 3. Select the required locale from the Your locale location drop down menu. Supported Management Console Applications The CMC supports integration with Dell Open. Manage IT Assistant. For more information, see the IT Assistant documentation set available on the Dell Support Web site at dell. Other Documents You May Need In addition to this guide, you can access the following guides available at dell. Select Choose from a list of all Dell products and click Continue. Click Software Monitors Electronics Peripherals Software. Understanding Redundant CMC Environment. Before You Begin Before setting up your CMC environment, download the latest version of CMC firmware from the Dell Support website at support. Dell Systems Management Tools and Documentation DVD that was included with Also, make sure that you have the your system. Provide each i. DRAC with an IP address in the CMC Web interface and enable the LAN and IPMI interface. NOTE i. DRAC LAN interface on some servers are disabled by default. Provide each IO module with an IP address in the CMC Web interface. Management Network Standby CMC Active CMC The following figures provide examples of incorrect cabling of CMC. For information about installing Dell Open. Manage software components, see the Dell Open. Manage Installation and Security Users Guide available on the DVD or at dell. You can also download the latest version of the Dell DRAC Tools from dell. Insert the Dell Systems Management Tools and Documentation DVD into the DVD drive. To mount the DVD to a required location, use the mount command or a similar command.