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The Best, the Rest, the Rare 1. Auto. CAD Tips You Should Know. We all want to use Auto. CAD better, more productive, and easily solve problem when we have one. So I compile 1. 00 Auto. CAD tips in this article, and I hope can help you. Many of the tips were written by other great CAD bloggers, you may want to follow their blogsite as well. So this is it the best Auto. CAD tips, the rest that many of us miss, and some of them are very rare. If you happen about my age, you might know I pick the name from Helloween compilation album Create and modify. Tip 1. How to Create an Arc with Specific Length. Everybody knows how to create an arc in Auto. CAD. If you need to draw an arc with specific length, do you know how to do itA compilation of AutoCAD tips. Read all 100 of them to increase your productivityAutocad 2007 File SizeSee this tip how you can create an arc with specific length Tip 2. Align Tool Move, Rotate, and Scale Your Object at Once. PDF to EPUB. Convert PDF to EPUB Convert your file now online and free this page also contains information on the PDF and EPUB file extensions. Housing in Singapore collection of HDB floor plans from 1930s to present, housing market analysis, house plans and architecture services, etc. AutoCAD Utilities. Top Tips. EXTRIM. Use this command to crop lines that overlap added text. Type, extrim, then select the text that requires clearing. Hng dn mt s thit lp sau khi ci t autocad 2007 vi hnh nh minh ha chi tit, th thut ny p dng trn cc phin. Align is often overlooked by many Auto. CAD users. Instead of using move, rotate, and scale separately, you can do it at once using this tool. As Robin Capper said, its a forgotten Auto. CAD hero See the animation how to use it in Robins post. Tip 3. How to Control Linetype Scale. We use linetype to control the object appearances. Autocad 2007 File Size' title='Autocad 2007 File Size' />Autocad 2007 File SizeIt can be dashdot for center lines, dashed lines for hidden lines, etc. Sometimes we have a hard time to control the linetype scale. And we cant see the linetype as we expected. It is not that difficult actually. Advertisement this article continues below. See this tip Controlling Linetype Scale is as Easy as 1,2,3Tip 4. Ways to Select Objects in Auto. CADWhen you use modifying tools, you need to select objects. Selecting objects sometimes can be tricky, especially in quite a complex drawing. This tip have 1. 0 ways how you can use the object selection. Useful for beginners, and some methods might be missed by advanced users. See the complete list Tip 5. How to Create Angular Dimension Larger than 1. Do you need to create an angular dimension that shows angle larger than 1. You probably have found that you cant create dimension with angle larger than 1. You can actually You can create it by selecting the lines vertex. Read more, and see the animation how to do it here. Tip 6. How to Match Only Selected Auto. CAD Properties. MATCHPROP is a great tool to match object properties. I used to draw everything and match the attributes later. It was quicker sometimes but I wont recommend you. The most obvious is when we get a drawing that is created with different standard. Sometimes we want to match only some properties between objects. Many of us dont realize that we can choose which properties to match. I found this a couple years ago, quite late I guess. There is See the options below. Read the complete tip here. Tip 7. How to Link Cells Between Auto. CAD Tables. We can create and use tables in Auto. CAD almost as powerful as in Microsoft Excel. We can also use formula and do simple calculation. But do you know that we can use the value from cells in other table See the detail article in JTB World by Jimmy Bergmark. Tip 8. How to Maintain the Attributes Value when Exploding. Block attributes is a nice tool to have. We can use it to preserve text style and size as annotation block. Drawing title and title block is a good example. The problem is when we need it explode it somehow, we will loose any information we put in the attribute. To preserve the values, do not use explode. Use BURST instead. Tip 9. How to Maximize Your Hyperlinks Usability. Hyperlinks are very useful to provide information for your objects. You can link any object to the manufacturersupport website, technical support email, specification documents, etc. See the tip how to reference to objects using hyperlink here. JTB World blog also has a good basic tutorial how to use hyperlinks. They even write in very detail tip how to extend the capabilities. You can refer to a specific page in pdf, specific sheet and cell in Excel, etc. Find out the details in this page on JTB World Blog. Murray Clack also gives a tip how you can use hyperlinks to navigate between paper space and model space. See tip no. 1. 2 here. Tip 1. 0. How to Enable Snap to Hatch. Old Auto. CAD version allows you to snap to hatches. Verify Microsoft Patch Compliance. In later version, this is disabled by default to optimize performance. However, if you want to enable this, you still can turn it on in drafting settings. This behavior is controlled by OSOPTIONS system variable. Read more here. Tip 1. Import XY Coordinates from Excel into Auto. CADTip 1. 2. Change Your MText to Lower Case or Upper Case. You might made a mistake and want to change the text case either to lower case or upper case. Do you need to re type itNo way It is easy to do. Right click in the editor and select the CHANGE CASE option. Alternatively, press Ctrl Shift U to set the text to upper Case OR press Ctrl Shift L to set the text to lower case. Thanks to Brian for the tip Tip 1. Group When You Gotta Keep Em SeparatedIf you need to modify object together, selecting them could be tedious. Especially when your drawing is quite complex. Block is an option. However, working with blocks mean that we need to edit in as a whole. Group might be more appropriate for this purpose. There are some benefits that you can get by using groups when you think block is not the right solution. See below. Block will only allows you to have one grip point, unless you create dynamic block. Groups will maintain the original objects grip, but you can easily select them in one click. See Brians tip about group in this article. And that is a funky title Brian Tip 1. Eleven killer Auto. CAD macros for viewport. Do you work with viewport and layout Paul Munford shares eleven great macros to make you even more productive with viewports Read all the eleven killer macros here. Tip 1. 5. Get the Most of Multiline Attributes. Auto. CAD now allow us to use multiline attributes. This of course will take many advantages from multiline text not all, not just using simple single line textNow we can use text mask. Fiat Steam Shower Manual'>Fiat Steam Shower Manual. Action Strings Keygen Mac. Now we can create stacked text in attributes. And more multiline advantages Note To enable stacking in block attributes, we need to change the system variable ATTIPE to 1. This tips was submitted by Murray Clack in our contest before. Tip 1. 6. The Forgotten Dimension DIMROTATEDDo you ever have problem when dimensioning when the objects are staggered Using DIMALIGNED cant do this. A great tip from Murray mention that we can use DIMROTATED. See the comparison between DIMALIGNED and DIMROTATED below. There is no documentation or toolbar about it. It might be forgotten, but Im sure you will find it really useful This tips was submitted by Murray Clack. Tip 1. 7. Fillet and Chamfer for Quick Modify. OK, you know what are fillet and chamfer for. Do you know that we can use fillet and chamfer to quickly modify objects Trim and chamfer can be used to quickly create a corner. Use 0 as the radius or chamfer distance. They will extend or trim the lines. Hold shift to override the radiusdistance to 0 temporarily. The method above will join the lines as polyline, if one of them is a polyline. Use fillet to create arc to close parallel lines, regardless on the radius defined. Tip 1. 8. Align Texts Using Quick Properties Palette. Do you hate quick properties palette Dont I know that many users immediately turn it off because it makes Auto. CAD slow and when the palette appears, it can block your view. However, you should consider using it after read this tip. Toilet 1 block in bathrooms detail Autocad free drawing 3. Autocad file, drawing in dwg and dxf formats Ceco. NET Bathrooms Detail Tx 3. Autocad block Toilet 1, in top or plan view. Description for this Autocad drawing bathrooms lavatory washrooms lavatory WC water closet convenience cloakroom powder room privy washroom rest room men ladies room commode comfort station little girls boys room smallest room WASHING bathing showering grooming . Categories for this Auto. CAD block Bathrooms Detail. Tags for this category Bathrooms detail restrooms WC ladies men rooms water closets lavatories lavatory toilets tubs bath bathtubs showers steam plumbing wash basin hand sinks Jacuzzis urinals appliances washrooms details. Compatibility notes DWG files drawing This Auto. CAD file was saved in. Auto. CAD 2. 00. 0 file format, in order to obtain compatibility with all recent versions of Auto. CAD, like Auto. CAD 2. DXF files Drawing e. Xchange File this Computer Aided Design data file format is supported for CAD programs like Adobe Illustrator, Archi. CAD, Arc. Map, Cadwork, Corel Draw, Google Sketch. Up, Intelli. CAD, Micro. Station, Rhinoceros 3. D, Solid Edge, Solidworks, etc.