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Perusahaan Listrik Negara Wikipedia. PLN Perusahaan Listrik Negara, English State Electricity Company is an Indonesian government owned corporation which has a monopoly on electricity distribution in Indonesia and generates the majority of the countrys electrical power, producing 1. TWh in 2. 01. 5. 23 It was included in the Fortune Global 5. HistoryeditThe history of electrical companies in Indonesia began at the end of 1. Bank Account Program In Java' title='Bank Account Program In Java' />Looking for books about Java programming Browse our entire For Dummies online collection and find the perfect howto book for you. Welcome A Structural View of Biology. This resource is powered by the Protein Data Bank archiveinformation about the 3D shapes of proteins, nucleic acids, and. PLN Perusahaan Listrik Negara, English State Electricity Company is an Indonesian governmentowned corporation which has a monopoly on electricity distribution. 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E19575-01/819-3669/images/bank-database.gif' alt='Bank Account Program In Java' title='Bank Account Program In Java' />The history of the electricity sector since then has been one of continuing institutional changes. On 2. October 1. 94. President Sukarno established the Jawatan Listrik dan Gas Bureau of Electricity And Gas with a generation capacity of only 1. MW. On 1 January 1. Electricity and Gas was changed into BPU PLN Badan Pimpinan Umum Perusahaan Listrik Negara which dealt in the areas of electricity, agas, and kokas coke. On 1 January 1. 96. BPU PLN was closed and two governmental companies were set up, Perusahaan Listrik Negara PLN handling the electrical energy and Perusahaan Gas Negara PGN handling gas. The capacity of the electrical power generators of PLN, then, was 3. MW. There were further institutional changes during the 1. In September 2. 00. Law No 2. 02. 00. QUHX2hadD5A/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Bank Account Program In Java' title='Bank Account Program In Java' />Bank Account Program In JavaThe new law required an end to PLNs monopoly on electricity distribution within five years after which time private companies both foreign and domestic were to be permitted to sell electricity directly to consumers. All companies were to use PLNs existing transmission network. However, the law was annulled in 2. Constitutional Court. As a result, the electricity sector was in an uncertain legal situation for some years. A new electricity law, Law No 3. PLNs monopoly in the sector. OperationseditIn the first half of 2. PLN generated 8. 8 terawatt hours TWh. The firm generated around 2. The forecast for the full year 2. Wh equivalent to around 7. Wh per capita. Capacity and organisationeditAt the end of 2. PLNs total generating capacity produced by a many different plants across Indonesia was estimated at around 3. MW. 3 Throughout 2. PLN planned to boost its installed generation capacity by 1,9. MW. 1. 2PLN Capacity and peak load, end 2. Maximum capacity. Peak load. Java Bali. Western Indonesia. MWxnuGAiQeM/UfTymMU3Z-I/AAAAAAAABa0/46x_i1rpYhs/s1600/QuickFix-WinXP.png' alt='Bank Account Program In Java' title='Bank Account Program In Java' />Eastern Indonesia. Total. 28,4. 62. 22,9. Main indicators have been increasing along with overall economic growth in Indonesia although the growth of revenue per unit sold Rpk. Wh has been slow PLN Key statistics 2. Employees. Capacity aProduction bSold. Output value. Average revenue cAverage revenue dUnits. Number. MWTWh. TWh. Rp trill. Rpk. Wh. US centsk. Wh. 20. Source Indonesian Statistics Bureau, Statistik Indonesia annual publication various years, Jakarta. PLN only. Does not include generation capacity in the main independent power producers which had an approximate capacity of another 5,6. MW at the end of 2. Includes wholesale electricity purchases by PLN from independent power producers who had a total combined capacity of around 4,2. MW in 2. 01. 1 and resold to consumers. Average revenue shown a proxy for the average price of electricity Output value divided by sales. Estimate in US cents Average Rp revenue adjusted by the end year exchange rate. PLN Performance indicators 2. Growth ProductionCapacity utilization aCapacity utilization aLabor productivity. Losses. Units per yeark. WhMWGWhemployee2. Source Calculated from previous table. Growth annual production growth. Capacity utilisation k. Wh generated per k. W of generation capacity theoretical maximum load at 1. MW of generating capacity in the independent power producers which sell electricity to the PLN. Labor productivity Total GWh generated per employee in the PLN. Losses sales as a  of production. The Indonesian Government, and the senior management of the PLN, are officially committed to ongoing reforms designed to improve the efficiency of operations of the electricity supply sector in Indonesia. Performance indicators show some significant improvements in certain key measures in recent years see previous table on Performance indicators. However, the overall reform process is often slow, hampered by the fact that the environment within which the state owned PLN operates is closely regulated and often politicised. ManagementeditThe PLN is Indonesias second largest state company by assets. The top level management, headed by the president director, reports to a government appointed board. The board and the PLN management in turn report to the Minister of State Owned Companies. President directors of PLN since 1. Start. End. Name. Suryono. 19. 84. 19. Sardjono. 19. 88. Ermamsyah Jamin. 19. Zuhal. 19. 95. 19. Djiteng Marsudi. 19. Adi Satria. 20. 00. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. Eddie Widiono. 20. Melissa Rigby Playboy more. Fahmi Mochtar. 20. Dahlan Iskan. 20. Nur Pamudji. 20. 14current. Sofyan Basir1. 5Difficulties came to light during early 2. PLN president director Eddie Widiono Suwondho. Questions arose over certain procurement procedures which he supported. He was taken into questioning by Indonesias Corruption Eradication Commission in March 2. In December 2. 01. PLN. 1. 7PolicieseditIn late 2. PLN, Nur Pamudji listed three milestones for PLN as targets for 2. Use, for the first time, of liquefied natural gas LNG as a fuel for some of PLNs generation plants. Near finalisation of the first 1. MW fast track generation program announced some years earlier. Registration of 5 million pre paid customers into the PLN distribution system. ServiceeditThe reliability and quality of electricity supply has steadily improved in Indonesia in recent decades. Supply is more reliable in Java because the grid is relatively well developed compared to the situation in the Outer Islands such as Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan where most areas are serviced by localised systems often powered by small diesel plants. However power outages are still common,1. Java. There was, for example, a particularly severe power outage in 2. Java and Bali for over five hours. FinanceseditThe PLN hasand has had, for many yearsconsiderable trouble with internal revenue flows. For one thing, government regulated tariffs are often too low to cover operational costs and have not been set at a level sufficient to make a reasonable contribution towards capital costs for many years. For another thing, there is widespread consumer resistance to payment of electricity bills. The cash flows of the company are often weighed down with overdue debts from consumers. As just one example, in the Banyumas district kabupaten of Central Java in late 2. PLNs 1. 40,0. 00 customers in the area were overdue with payments for their electricity bills causing the company over 3. Of the customers in arrears, 1. But the PLNs efforts to improve debt collection, both in Banyumas and in many other areas of Indonesia, often meet with considerable consumer resistance.