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Behringer Truth B2031a' title='Behringer Truth B2031a' />Behringer TRUTH B2. A Active Monitor Single. An affordable high resolution, active 2 way reference studio monitor. Parts Express stocks and ships free Studio Monitors from the category of Speaker Systems Live Sound Commercial in the Pro Audio Department. A collection of reviews for products that are trying really hard to be audiophile quality for little money. Ons hele assortiment DJ gear en studioapparatuur in een oogopslag. Hier vind je niet alleen DJ apparatuur maar ook onze catalogus voor de studio en op het podium. Lo sapevi che ci sono 123350 annunci, affari, oggetti e offerte di lavoro che ti aspettano a Bari su Kijiji BEHRINGER Home, behringer, BEHRINGER offers a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories including loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered. En este juego de transformaciones que hacemos al trabajar con audio, el ltimo eslabn de la cadena es el altavoz. En algunos lugares tambin se les conoce como. DJ at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices and best selection of Studio Monitor Speakers by top brands. Most of the orders are eligible for free shippingWat heb ik nodig voor Hauptwerk Audio, WetDry. Only at Sweetwater Bulk Pricing, 0 Financing, FREE Shipping, and FREE Tech Support for Behringer Truth B2031A 8. Powered Studio Monitor D t m l a b o r a t o r y. Behringer Truth B2031a' title='Behringer Truth B2031a' />Behringer Truth B2031aBehringer makes TRUTH B2. A Reference Monitors to speak nothing but the TRUTH. When it comes to your studio recordings, you want honesty. In fact, considering how important your art is, you should demand it Oh, they still sound great hooked up to your stereo or your video surround system, but they were really built with the studio in mindwhere every note you play or sing is under the microscope. Built on the Behringer Legacy Behringer TRUTH B2. A audio monitors have been so wildly successful that theyve sold thousands upon thousands of them to some of the most critical ears on the planet. Due to their high resolution performance, B2. A active 2 way reference studio monitors are perfect for nearfield monitoring applications from small mixing environments to multi channel surround setups. Ultra Linear Frequency Response. The TRUTH B2. 03. A is a serious contender capable of achieving output levels in excess of 1. B SPL. Powered by separate 8. Watt built in amplifiers with an active crossover, these monitors provide ultra linear frequency response from 5. Hz to 2. 1 k. Hz. Behringer Calls it a Speaker Graduation Diploma. After final assembly, each B2. A spends up to a half hour with a Calibration Engineer being meticulously tweaked to ensure ultra linear frequency response. When you buy a TRUTH B2. A monitor, youre truly getting a hand calibrated unit. Behringer ship a calibration certificate with each B2. A that shows the actual frequency response of your monitor, as tested at the time of manufacture. After all these rigorous tests, only then is the speaker granted its own Graduation Diploma. Rock Solid Bass. Bookshelf style home stereo speakers can really fool you when it comes to bass output, mainly because they are not designed for critical listening applications. Thats why recording engineers and producers listen to projects through studio reference monitors or studio grade headphones. The B2. 03. 1As long throw 8. Hz. Bass content that isnt exaggerated, as it can be in home speaker systems. Rock solid bass that is an honest representation of the recorded sound, full of subtle nuance the sound of fingers on the strings, or the rush of air through the long pipes of a cathedral organ, etc. Non Fatiguing, Wide Sweet Spot B2. As HF High Frequency content comes courtesy of an ultra high resolution 1. Behringers proprietary wave guide. While some of Behringers competitors studio monitors have a highly focused sweet spot the optimal listening position for a pair of loudspeakers, Behringers wave guide is designed to create a much more generous, broader listening zone. That means you wont wear a hole in the carpet in that one spot where everything sounds great. You are free to move around inside the stereo image to find the ideal spot in the mix for subtle instrument or effects placement opportunities. You also wont suffer the ravages of monitor fatigue syndrome, an ailment that comes from listening to harsh high mids and treble content for hours on end, even during those all night mix down sessions that can really test your nerves. Expect the Best Behringer packs 1. Watts of bi amped technology including a time and phase optimized active crossover into every B2. Trend Micro Mobile Security Premium Apk Download. A, ensuring that you have the enormous power reserves youll need to drive them really hard. The unique BEHRINGER wave guide and the extremely low distortion crossover network produce an absolutely linear frequency response with excellent sound dispersion and stereo imaging. Designed to Work in Your Environment. The ideal environment for listening is a room that is flat, neither too reflective echoes nor too absorptive where the sound is muffled. But since all rooms are not the same acoustically, all TRUTH monitors come equipped to function in a wide variety of situations. Switches are provided to adapt the monitors low and high frequency characteristics for optimal performance specific to your listening environment. Suited for All Placements Placement is also critical. Ideally, all loudspeakers should be placed away from walls to ensure proper bass response. But fear not, B2. A monitors feature Room Compensation switches so you can place them against walls, or even in corners. Walls tend to enhance low frequency content, and corners exaggerate bass even more, but your TRUTH monitor can be custom tailored to provide honest bass response for your situation, with the simple flick of a switch or two. Please Standby Since placement of studio monitors can significantly affect their performance, often they are placed in a manner that makes it inconvenient to get to the power switch on the rear panel. Not to worry, the B2. A provides a simple solution to breaking out the stepladder or climbing onto your desk. The B2. 03. 1A features an AUTO power switch that, when activated, powers up the system as soon as it detects an input signal. If no signal is detected, the system automatically switches into standby mode after five minutes of silence. XLR and 14 Inputs. The B2. 03. 1A is equipped with servo balanced inputs on XLR and TRS connectors to handle a variety of audio sources. Thanks to its compact size and magnetic shielding, the TRUTH B2. A can be placed near video monitors, computer displays or digital audio workstations.