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In marketing, lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or enquiry into products or services of a business. Leads can be created for purposes such as. A unique CPA network providing weekly payments across hundreds of ad campaigns, as well as a 1,000 performance bonus to new affiliates. MaxBounty takes the stance of. Best beginner affiliate marketing course strategies residual passive income home business programs. Amazon, Clickbank. JdxrNPLzvxM/V_-Qo0VlD4I/AAAAAAAAA60/fhliitVeJKskzJtN1x5w7SiiV-7sxlUeQCEw/s1600/cbpassive_2357.JPEG' alt='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' title='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' />The 1. Best Affiliate Programs Networks For Anyone And Everyone. Image Credit Flickr. Affiliate marketing, as you might probably know already, is a multi billion dollar industry and its by far the best way to monetize your website or blog unless you have your own products and services to sell. Arcgis Server Web Adf Runtime For The Microsoft .Net Framework. If you have a content rich website then there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs and affiliate networks available on the web that can make you a fortune. In fact, the secret to six figure blogging is affiliate marketing. The reason is pretty simple if you are monetizing your website with the right affiliate program then it can make a lot of money with little effort of course you need a content rich website with a handsome amount of targeted traffic. Its just that it takes some time to figure out whats converting and whats not. So first things first. Affiliate Programs  Affiliate Networks Whats What, And Whats Not Affiliate programs are also called associate programs and its a deal between an advertiser and a publisher. For instance, if Ive a created a software and is promoting and selling it via my blog then I can also generate additional income by inviting my blog readers to promote it in exchange for a commission. Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' title='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' />Editors note For a newer, updated version of this post, check it out here. Its not like writing for a book, or publication, a newspaper or magazine but blogging is. Affiliate Programs are considered as the best way to make money online. Now a days, Indians are also trying to make money online. So lets say, if you referred a buyer for my newly created software product then I offer you a 5. I have generated because of you. So if you refer more people to me then you make more income. Thats why affiliate marketing is also known as performance marketing. And its a win win, rightNow if I have the resources then I can run an affiliate program by myself within my own blog or website and then it called an in house affiliate program. But if I dont have the resources or dont want to manage it myself then I can sign up as an advertiser on an affiliate network. Read What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Work An affiliate network is a hub that connects an advertiser and a publisher. In other words, its a hub for thousands of affiliate programs on the web. All the affiliate networks have their own tracking, reporting, and payment system. Recurring-Affiliate-Programs.png' alt='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' title='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' />Best Income Generating Affiliate ProgramsAnd they all may be focusing different niche, location, promotions, etc. Sometimes an advertiser can have presence on multiple affiliate networks and still have their own in house affiliate program. Perhaps the best thing about an affiliate network is that when you join one of them, you get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs on the web that you couldnt reach otherwise. Now, dont get confused with affiliate network and ad network. For instance, Google Ad. Sense is NOT an affiliate network but rather an ad network that pays you for clicks and not for sales. So if you referred a sale worth 1. Google Ad. Sense who already have an in house affiliate program that pays 5. Google Ad. Sense. But if you did it as an affiliate marketer then your earnings could have been 5. Hostgator-Affiliate-Program.png' alt='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' title='Best Income Generating Affiliate Programs' />Dont Miss Over 4. Google Ad. Sense Alternatives To Make Money Blogging. Affiliate Programs What You Need To KnowDifferent affiliate programs in house and the ones on various affiliate networks follows different models. An affiliate program model can be Cost Per Action CPA, Cost Per Lead CPL, Cost Per Sale CPS, or even Cost Per Click CPC. Cost Per Action CPA model pays you for specific actions and it can be simple form submissions, downloads, surveys, etc. Cost Per Lead CPL model pays for leads and its usually a signup that involves email or credit card verification because it makes the lead more valuable. Cost Per Sale CPS model pays for actual sales and it means they share a percentage of sale value with you. Cost Per Click CPC model as you probably know pays for clicks no matter whether your referral traffic helped them generate a leadsale or not. Quick View Click To Scroll. The Best Affiliate Networks. Heres a hand picked list of some of the best affiliate networks on the web. So you dont have toI have considered brand equity, Alexa traffic rank, user experience, and my own personal experience to shortlist them. And I have highlighted the Alexa rank, payout details, and the types of affiliate offers supported by each network for your quick reference. Also, I have indicated whether they have a referral program as well. If an affiliate network has a referral program then it means that you can refer other publishers to them and earn a percentage or a one time bonus of their income. CJ Affiliate. CJ Affiliate was formerly known as Commission Junction or simply CJ and its the most popular affiliate network and also my personal favorite. Its one of the oldest affiliate network and thats why its the preferred affiliate network of Fortune 5. Commission Junction is my personal favorite as they have an unmatched pool of advertisers that we cant find elsewhere. Also, Im very much happy with their user interface, payment system and the customer support. And whats more exciting about CJ is that advertisers often pay premium commission rates for CJ publishers when compared to other affiliate networks or even their own in house affiliate program. For instance, majority of the web hosting companies offer 3. CJ network when compared to their in house affiliate program. Now one thing that I hate about CJ is their tracking system. Its not real time and sometimes it doesnt track salesleads at all. So its very much possible that you might miss commissions for some salesleads that you have generated. Anyway, Im still happy as the payouts are not delayed unlike any other affiliate or ad networks. For instance, if you have referred a sale in January then you can get paid in February itself. I said CAN as it depends upon the affiliate program that you are promoting. That is, CJ reviews all the leadssales that you have generated in the previous month on or around the 1. So, an advertiser can approve a transaction or extend it for 3. Its applicable to almost any affiliate network out there as most of the things that we buy online involves a money back guarantee. So if the customer that you have referred asked for a money back then the advertiser can void your transaction. If the transaction is approved then you get paid in the same month itself around 2. It basically means if an advertiser do not extend transactions, then you will get paid on the 2. However, if you are a new publisher then it should take an additional month or so as they monitor new publishers pretty closely. It should take some time to get familiar with the interface, reports, etc. CJ. com. But its applicable to all networks as they all have their own way of reporting and tracking system. And their customer support is excellent. You get one to one support via email or phone and you also get dedicated affiliate account representatives when you are generating salesleads consistently to an advertiser. One more thing its free to join the CJ Network and no special website requirements are there. Once your application is approved, you can simply sign in  to CJ Account Manager and apply to different affiliate programs. Some of them approve publishers immediately while others approve manually after reviewing your accountwebsite. But you need a quality website to get approval for individual affiliate programs as big brands on the CJ Network approve publishers manually. However, you can contact the advertiser directly if you got denied but believe that you can promote them in a great way.