Cardboard Birthday Cake Template

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Cardboard Birthday Cake Template' title='Cardboard Birthday Cake Template' />Betty Crocker launches new online birthday resource and shares some of her unique birthday cake ideas with us. I have been wanting to make a legotype cake for a very long time. I am not sure why I love Legos so much but I do. I used to have a Lego school set when I. So the title is a bit misleading but hear me out. Weve been reading a lot of the Chronicles of Narnia lately. The girls have been galloping through the house on their. I first saw this idea in a childrens Magazine and decided to make it for my younger brothers 5th Knightthemed birthday party. With 2 ordinary 9 inch cakes. Cardboard Birthday Cake Template' title='Cardboard Birthday Cake Template' />Rainbow Sorbet Cake. Place one meringue disk on the reserved 7 inch cake round. Using a gelato paddle or a large spoon, build up an even layer of mango sorbet on top of the disk. S Game Star Girl more. Top with a second meringue disk. Continue the layering process, returning cake to the freezer to harden, as needed. Heat oven to 185 degrees. Cut a 7inch circle from a 10inch square of 14inchthick cardboard or Foamcore. Set circle aside to use for bottom of cake, and reserve. Use remaining grapefruit, raspberry, and green apple sorbets and the meringue disks. Top with a disk. Transfer cake to freezer, and freeze until hardened. Let soften slightly before serving. Serve with a spoon in bowls.