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Configuration Wifi Kde' title='Configuration Wifi Kde' />Configuration Wifi KdeGNOME is better than KDEA new battle is playing out in the Linux desktop arena. See why Jack Wallen believes that todays GNOME has pulled ahead of todays KDE in terms of design, stability, and usability. It seems like only yesterday that I was reading thread after thread of emacs vs. Those were the good old days. Now the emacsvi wars are pretty much over with no decisive winner ever declared and with it, most infighting among Linux devotees. Well almost. A renewed war is brewing that should promise to bring with it as much sharp tongue and wit as did emacsvi. This new battle GNOME vs. KDE. I realize that many of you are shaking your heads thinking either that battle never got off the ground or it was won long ago. That was then, this is now. The then was when KDE completely trounced GNOME in the desktop war. The now is GNOME and GNOME is slowly but surely pulling ahead of KDE. How could this happen Well, read on to find out exactly why todays GNOME 2. KDE 4. 1. Configuration Wifi KdeNote This article is also available as a PDF download. KDE 4. This reason nay, the entire article could end with three letters and a number KDE 4. The backlash from KDE 4 has been pretty severe. When KDE 4 was first released, it simply wasnt ready. KDE 4 was a complete redesign, from the ground up, of KDE and it showed. After booting, the switch will ask you to enter the initial configuration dialog to initially configure the switch using interactive CLI mode. Tutorial for crack a wep key with aircrack, aireplay and airodump. Very useless. To reset your Cisco 2600 router, just follow the instructions from this link. If you forgot your routers password enable password, enable secret, console you need. Configuration Wifi Kde' title='Configuration Wifi Kde' />KDE took a solid desktop and pulled the rug out from under it. What replaced the ever popular KDE 3. Windows Vista. Gone were the days of configuring KDE to your exact specifications. KDE was and is the first ever Microsofting of the Linux desktop. The developers released something that was painfully worthless and refused to listen to the users when the users gave feedback. On the other side of the battlefront, you have GNOME, which is steadfastly moving forward the same direction it has been moving for years. Start menu. With GNOME, there are three simple menus from the main panel Applications, Places, and Administration. AwesomeLinuxSoftware A list of awesome applications, software, tools and other materials for Linux distros. The DCS5030L HD Pan Tilt WiFi DayNight Camera provides a range of features to help you effectively monitor your home or small office, day or night. It should be pretty obvious what you can find from each one. It should also be fairly obvious that navigating these menus is efficient and as simple as it is elegant. KDE 4, on the other hand, has an incredibly clumsy menu. If you click on the K menu, you will initially see five tabs Favorites, Applications, Computer, Recently Used, and Leave. By default, the Favorites menu contains System Settings and File Manager. To open an application, you then must click on the Applications tab, navigate to the category the target application will belong to, find the application entry, and click on it. This can be made irrelevant by adding an application launcher widget to the panel. But if youre like me and you use numerous applications, you will quickly have a panel full of launchers. This KDE menu system needs some serious streamlining before it can be considered an efficient use of a desktop. Whats worse, at least for the new user, is that finding the menu editor tool is not intuitive. Configuration Wifi Kde' title='Configuration Wifi Kde' />Theres no entry in any configuration control panel. To edit the main menu, you have to right click the K button and select Menu Editor. But even then, you can edit only entries within the Applications tab. You will also notice another entry in the K button right click Switch To Classic Menu Style. This menu style is more in line with what most users are accustomed to, But again, what new user is going to know to right mouse click the K button to find thisNautilus vs. Dolphin. With KDE 4 came the new file manager, Dolphin. Prior to this change, KDE had the best graphical file manager available on ANY operating system Konqueror. But now, KDE uses Dolphin, which is similar to Nautilus minus the stability. Nautilus is a no frills file manager. It does one thing and it does it well It manages files. It has add ons for Dropbox and integrates with that system seamlessly and is very stable. Dolphin, on the other hand, was an attempt to get away from what was considered the bloatware of Konqueror and to adopt a more simple, streamlined file manager. What they have created is a file manager that has features most will find worthless. Take for instance a filedirectory rating and comment system. If you are the only user on a machine, what use is a filerating system for your files and directoriesI can maybe understand this if you are on a multiuser system, where users depend upon files being rated. I would like to think that Dolphin would lend filedirectory tags to the KDE search engine, but it does not. So honestly, I cant think of a justifiable reason for adding bloat to an application that was supposed to be free from bloat. Foundations. When KDE 4 was built, it was created on Qt 4 in the hopes that KDE could and would be ported to other platforms such as Windows and OS X. This was a huge change from the previous Qt 3. With this change, KDE had to be completely rebuilt. GNOME 2. 2. 4 continues to use GTK 2 but includes flags in the code to enforce stricter compatibility with the upcoming GTK 3. These flags are included so that when GTK 3 is put in production use, the transition for developers will be seamless. When you install GNOME 2. Because of this, the latest GNOME is still stable even while containing flags for the migration to a new foundation. KDE 4s instability. Yes, this instability is due to the immaturity of the code base, and I fully understand and appreciate that. I have to admit it would be cool to have a Windows port of KDE. But to port KDE 4 and its huge code base to Windows would take a great deal of resources. Considering how far KDE 4 has to go before it is truly production ready, I think redirecting any viable resource away from the main project would be a mistake. Resources. One issue where KDE 4 has bragging rights over its predecessor is memory management. According to the developers, KDE 4 uses approximately 3. KDE 3. 5 does. GNOME 2. KDE 4. On my running system, from a fresh log in, KDE reveals 1. K memory usage in GNOME vs. K memory usage in KDE 4. That is a change of 1. K. Granted, this is not a huge difference. But it does show that GNOME requires less hardware to run. And when youre running the desktop, you can certainly tell the difference between a default GNOME 2. KDE 4. 1 desktop. You will also find that KDE 4 is a bit flakier with video cards. Even NVidia cards, which typically just work with Linux, can have some issues with KDE 4. NVdia suggests several performance tweaks to get KDE 4 working with its cards older than Ge. Force 8. 6 Clutter. With the advent of KDE 4 came the widgets. With the widgets came clutter. KDE 4 emulated the OS X dashboard with its plethora of widgets and tiny applications that can do various and sundry tricks, all the while making your desktop a veritable junkyard. I am currently staring at a KDE 4 desktop with a single widget, Desktop, that is doing nothing. What is it It is a simple file manager for a single directory Desktop. This widget is on the KDE 4 desktop by default. Why I have no idea. When I can open up the file manager and see what is in my Desktop folder without having extra clutter on my desktop, why would I need a widget to do that for me The widgets included with KDE are fairly useless. Naturally, developers are going to leap onto this and create some pretty nifty widgets that might actually add some worth to the whole dashboard metaphor. But as it stands, I prefer to keep them off my desktop. Of course my desktop is not everyones desktop. Aircrack, aireplay, airodump, Tutorial crack wep key. Warning, you are only aloud to test out a network with this method if your are the OWNER or if you have a permission of the owner. Hacking is considered breaking a federal law and this tutorial is not meant to help out these purposes, it is simply to sensibilise you to the weekness of your network. I remind to the people who still want to crack their neihboors YOU NEED AN AUTHORIZATION to crack his network, otherwise, you could be charged or sent to jail. Aircrack To test the security of your network, we will need aircrack designed by Christophe Devine. This program works under windows and linux, but some of the functionality are not available under windows packet injection for example That is why we will use a linux bootable cd OS Whax, this distribution is specialized in intrusion tests. Actually the troppix is in cases little more up to date talking about wifi drivers and there utilisation is exactly the same. These distribution are oriented in WEP cracking, but ubuntu or any other would to the work toBut not all the cards are supported, basically it depends of the chipset, here is a list of cards who works with aircrack mode monitor compatible. Another list frThis tutorial was realized with a D link DWL G6. G6. 50 , fortunately My neighbour had a livebox french wifi modem and autorized me to crack his WEP on his network. He authorized it thinking I would not succeed. It turned out he was wrong, it took me approximately 2 hours to crack it. For private property reasons, all the names of the networks ESSID were masked except the ones from where the WEP was cracked, that was only partially hidden. The BSSID addresses mac addresses also have been partially censured, I only shown the first part of the MACS which correspond to the builder of the card. I repeat if you try to invade a network, you need the authorization from the owner, or you need to be the owner. Whax Now we are getting serious. So you can fully use your card we will use a live cd of linux me too, I dont know anything about the penguinGet the WHAX distribution here Download Whax http files. MAJ there are new distributions of live cds specialized in monitoring wifi, like troppix and backtrack that are as good or even better. You can found all those distro on files. The functionality is basically identical. Indeed they all include aircrack and airodumpaireplay. Burn the distrib on a nice cd and put it aside for 2 seconds. On the side I suggest creating a FAT3. The advantage of FAT3. That partition will be used to stock packets captured and the different files necessary to crack the key. That partition is not required, but it is recommended especially if you have low RAM capacity since the capture files would be stock in RAM no partition. Also when you have a FAT3. WATCH OUT, YOUR PARTITION WILL NOT HAVE THE SAME NAME UNDER LINUX, SO PLACE A FILE THAT YOU WILL RECOGNIZED IN IT. After booting on Whax you will end up on a login screen for troppix you only need to chose video card keyboard language resolutionThe login is Root and the password is toor, to start the graphical interface, type startx you need to type stqrtx since the keyboard will be English, HELL if your reading this ur English so if your stuck with a French keyboard, GET A CLUE You will then end up on the Whax interface. Also, open a shell The interface is KDE so it is easy to get used to. Then type in airmon. Here you can see that the card is correctly recognized and that the monitor mode is directly activated. The monitor mode lets us capture packets transiting even the ones that arent directed to you. And if you already use a linux distribution and you only need to install the aircrack suite  Download aircrack airodump, aireplay. Airodump Detailed use of airodump windows and linux Now we will start to scan the wireless networks with airodump part of the aircrack suite. We type in the console airodump interface name name of the output file channel to scan To chose to scan all the channels type in 0. You can add the parameter 1 at the end, to modify the extension of the output file to. IVs, the size is more convenient. You need to chose this method if you did not create a FAT3. RAM If you created a FAT3. If you created a FAT3. Do  cd.   to go back to the root. Then cd mnt to open the folder that corresponds to the my computer under windows. For my part I type in  cd. We then find this once airodump launched I am in a student residence so there are a lot of people. The BSSID column corresponds to the Mac addresses of the access points APThe ESSID colujmn corresponds to the name of the network My. Wifi. Networw, Wanadoo xxxx. The first part corresponds to the access points and the second part to the stations the computers that are logged inThe column that interests us is the one that has IVs, those are the files that will allow us to crack the WEP keys. Here the AP of my friend is the only one where the ESSID is not totally masked. For better performances in the capture of packets, we re lunch airodump chosing only the canal where the AP is here is 1. To stop the capture and enter commands do Ctrl C. You are also obligated to stop the capture if you want to copy a mac address since the screen refreshes. To copy something simply select with the mouse and right click copy. Idem to paste or use Shiftinsert. For more details on airodump simply type in airodump in the console and the help will appear. There we have stations and one that is connected to the AP that interests us. BINGO cause the access points have sometimes and its the case of freeboxes a mac filter called mode association and for aireplay we need that mac address, actually we are acting as if we were that computer to have the access to the AP. As soon as we start getting IVs airodump tells us what type of crypting it is WEP WPA or OPN. Now we know that the crypting is WEP, that a station is presently logged, and there is traffic 3. Fsx Boeing 787 Dreamliner. IVs sent. You need to know that to crack a WEP key of a wifi network, it is more convenient that there is a minimum of traffic. By experience the IVs capture is a lot faster, and also they need to be diversified since the crack will need less IVss. For example here there is traffic, but unfortunately there wasnt any after so I had to capt a lot of IVs before finding the key. Aireplay In detail in the aireplay manual Just like airodump, aireplay is part of aircrack. Fake authentication. See the FAQ aireplay 1. To launch aireplay open another console in the same screen with the help of the little icon on top left. You can also rename it with a right click. We launch aireplay once without worrying about the bssid of the station  The parameters are aireplay 1 0 e Essid a Bssid of the AP b bssid of the AP h bssid of the station interface   1 0 corresponds to an attack by fake authentication, the zero is the delay that we authorize for the answer to come in. Here we can see that if we place a dummy mac address the AP refuses us, but if we put the BSSID that airodump gives us it works. Some of the AP dont have any filtering of MAC addresses and you can put any MAC address.