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The Storage Enthusiasts Daily Bag. If youre moving huge files around or need to keep your entire media library with you, sometimes the good ol fashioned sneakernet is the best method. Flash drives are fine for a few files, but if you really want to tote some data, external drives are the way to go. Yuri Goytacazs gear includes not one but two external drives, in addition only to the essentials Figuring out what to keep in your bag is one challenge. Keeping your bag organized is a totallyRead more Read. We know youve got a cool bag with some smart ideas inside, so let us know Share your bag in our Lifehacker Go Bag Show and Tell Flickr pool, shoot me a message through the link below, or post it to your own Kinja blog with the tag featured bag. The photo has to be at least 8. How to Make a DIY Humidor for Your Cigars. If youre a cigar fan, you need a place to keep them so theyll stay fresh and ready to smoke. But a nice humidor can cost you around 1. Diy External Flash Softbox Diffuser' title='Diy External Flash Softbox Diffuser' />Diy External Flash Softbox DiyDiy External Flash Softbox KitThe worlds most popular free resource for learning how to use offcamera flash. Wow this post is really amazing. I am a young photographer so money is often an issue, but with these DIY hacks I can replicate the same or near enough techniques. Many times when I shoot indoors with low light I get to use my on camera flash. To get better results I add an on camera flash diffuser. Who is the best oneHeres how you can build one yourself for a lot less. Its not just heavy smokers that are setting themselves up for a future of cancer and heartRead more Read. I decided to bring some cigars back from Cuba. They were super freshlike, freshly rolled on the farm fresh. But they only let you buy in bulk there, so I needed a way to store them all since I dont smoke that often. I knew a humidor was the way to gothey can preserve cigars for years if properly maintainedbut I quickly found out they can be pretty expensive. After doing a little Googling and Youtubing, I came across the tupperdor. Its a DIY humidor that works great and can be made very cheaply especially if you already own some plastic food storage containers. What Youll Need. Building a tupperdor is easy. Diy External Flash Softbox' title='Diy External Flash Softbox' />Diy External Flash Softbox ReviewsHeres what you need A clear, plastic, airtight container. Im using this one from Sistema 1. It has a nice pull out tray for the cigars to rest on, and its the perfect width for most cigars. But you can use anything you have lying around really. Some Spanish cedar. It smells nice and its whats used to line most nice humidors. Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Stonehenge Yahoo. Cedar is absorbent and keeps moisture from building up too much so your cigars stay fresh and flavorful. Im using planks, but you can also use chips, or skewers, or leftover inserts from old cigar boxes. A digital humidity monitor. You can find these for cheap in your local hardware store or online for 1. A humidity controller. Most cigar aficionados recommend Boveda packs either 6. Theyre specifically designed to stabilize storage environments for tobacco and keep the humidity within 1 of its designated humidity level. You can order a pack of 1. That will last you a long while. You can also use those absorbent silicon beads with distilled water. Cigars Get the good stuff. You deserve it. All in all, you should be able to build your own custom humidor for less than 3. I forgot to order my humidity controller when I first built my tupperdor, so its not visible in the pictures here. Dont make the same mistake If your cigar enthusiasm has escalated to the point where you have multiple desktop humidors youRead more Read. How to Put It Together. When youve got all your supplies, its time to assemble your tupperdor Wash out the plastic container to get rid of that nasty plastic smell. If you dont do this, your cigars will take on that plastic y smell and flavor. Cut your cedar plank to size, then lay it into the bottom of the container. If youre using some other form of cedar, still put it in first. If your container has a tray, insert it. Place your digital humidity monitor in your tupperdor with the digital readout facing up, or toward any part of the container you can see through. Add your cigars. Adjust humidity as needed and add your humidity controller. Because I forgot my humidity controller, I had to improvise. I was able to increase the humidity inside with a damp paper towel, then took it out when it reached 6. Unfortunately, this is not ideal and Ill have to babysit my cigars until my Boveda packets arrive. Seal up your tupperdor and stash it in a dark, cool place. When youre ready to light up one of your cigars, just open er up, take one out and close the lid again.