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Latest download of Oscam for Windows. All binaries on this website were built on a cygwin environment. Compiled with the modules WebIf, Irdeto Guessing, Anti. Ethernet. The C30 motherboard implements an onboard gigabit Ethernet port via the Intel 82579 PHY. This integrated solution has support for the industry standard. Creative ALchemy Microsoft Windows 7Windows VistaDirectSound3D3DEAX. Dell Inspiron 5. 00. Compal N3. 0 series Unofficial FAQand other Compal N3. There are NO other models hosted here. Instead, try. Bay Wolfs site. This document was last updated on. Sep. 2. 0, 2. 01. EDT. This page http Kropf. Nov. 1. 8, 2. 01. GMTNov. 1. 8, 2. 01. ESTThis document was originally created and maintained through year 2. Eax Advanced Hd 4.0 Driver Windows 7' title='Eax Advanced Hd 4.0 Driver Windows 7' />Eax Advanced Hd 4.0 Driver Windows 7This download contains the Sound Blaster Connect application for Windows operating systems. For more details, please read the rest of this web release note. Also known as Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED MB SB060, it is similar to Audigy 2 SE, but the software supports EAX 3. Damien Guard and was adopted in 2. Brett Kropf. Damiens FAQ is. I, Brett Kropf, first acquired an Inspiron 5. Dell to repair it. I eventually purchased a working. Bay seller, and was soon impressed with the 1. LCD. and other popular features. I have since purchased an Inspiron 5. Inspiron 5. 00. 0e. My family is using the Free. BSD Release. 5. 2 UNIX operating system on both Inspiron 5. I use an Inspiron 5. LCD as my own. Free. BSD UNIX workstation which I use to administer a server farm of multiple. SCO Unix. Ware. 7 servers via XFree. X windows. The 1. UGA display is. sharper than my now retired 2. View. Sonic PT8. 13 Trinitron monitor at 1. I regularly have five or six 1. X windows for equipment monitors, browser windows. I moved my noisy monitoring server which doubled as my. I sit at. command central with my I5. Ke Damiens FAQ helped me to quickly become familiar with the Inspiron 5. I consider it an honor to continue maintenance of his original excellent work. I hope you also find it helpful. I do not work for Dell and certainly do not represent Dell in any way. Neither I nor Dell will take responsibility for the application or. Use at your own risk. If you are uncomfortable with this, then you are. Date. Updates. 20. Feb. 1. 8Added 3 parts suppliers and. Dell Part Numbers. Mar. 3. Added note regarding. Synaptics touchpad driver. Thanks to Joseph Gershgorin. Updated links for updated Synaptics drivers. Mar. 2. 1Added note regarding attempting to. Rage Mobility 1. 28 M Video Graphic Adapters into Inspiron 5. Added Hitachi IBM Travel. Star 7. K6. 0 thanks to Mike. Jaras in Sweden works great and the performance increase is great. And 8. 0 GB Drives from Dell thanks to Andreas. Rasmusson in Sweden. Feb. 2. 7Updated link from. Brian. 2. 00. 3. Jul. Added note. regarding 2. MB Memory Modules. Added Tux. Tops Obsidian N3. W thanks to Brett Glass. Jun. 9. Added Action. Tech 5. 6K Modem. Revised DVDCD RW drive section. May. 2. 7Revised Displays to. POST codes and Physical Size. Apr. 2. 7Re ordered Revision history to most recent at top. Revised answer to. Is my hard drive supposed to make a noised when turned upside down Apr. Brett Kropf adopted this FAQ and began maintenance. Sep. 2. 1Added Compal N3. W BIOS 1. 0. 7a thanks to Jarron Johnson. Feb. 2. 4Added hard drive carrier info to. What hard drives are supported Todd Radel. Added DVD ROMCD RW combo drive to Can. I add a DVDCD RW drive Spell checking and typo fixes. Jan. 2. 4Added LucentAction. Tec LT Win. Modem driver to Be. OS section. 20. 01. Dec. 3. Updated release notes with important notice. Deleted Todo section. Deleted Stay Updated section. Added N3. 0W5. 00. Added IBM Travel. Star 4. 8GH drive. Nov. 1. 3Added service manual link to What hardware is. Added more retailers models. Added Micro. Tech Flex. Note NT 4 support link. Added more places to get usedreconditioned 5. Where can I get a 5. Torrent Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Sp2'>Torrent Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Sp2. Conrad Mc. Donall. Nov. 7. Now updated to cover all N3. W variants. new section and changes all over the places. Reviewed every single listed machine in the Who supplies this machine. Added Power. Pro III 1. Donald Stratton at Power. Notebooks. Rewrote the whole BIOS section, new links, tips, procedure. Fixed lots of links, removed dead ones. Checked and updated the various drivers where applicable. Oct. 3. 0Added latest Compal BIOS to What is the latest BIOS Igor Loginov. Updated benchmarks to new Sysoft Sandra 0. Oct. 2. 3Added all Dells official 5. Windows XP. driverssupport files thanks to Tyler Schallhorn for notifying meDropped using a version number for the FAQs revision a date is better. Oct. 1. 8A whole host of updates from Conrad Mc. Donnell Added. Open. Step section to drivers. Added E Stock Ireland as reconditioned. Added Mini. Hobby and Xtreme to other manufacturers selling this machine. Oct. 1. 2Updated Newer unsupported Dell provided, not 5. Thorsten Schuster. Oct. 2. Updated Added Windows ME to How do I enable the SPDIF. Sep. 2. 1Updated Windows XP drivers section to mention Windows. Track. Pad driver. Updated How can I play DVDs from other regions DVD region tab. Added Team. Excess as a spares and machine supplier thanks to Jon Abbott. Added Eraser to the useful files section. Added New Stay updated section to send e mails when the page updates. Sep. 1. 8Updated Windows XP drivers section to cover getting. TVOut and Open. GL support. Added Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP Test to compatibility section. Updated What memory modules are supported Sep. Updated How can I play DVDs from other regionsRPC under Windows XPPlus a whole host of updates from Conrad Mc. Donnell Updated How can I make my LCD turn off when I close the lid Windows 9. MEUpdated How can I play DVDs from other regions Region Killer. Updated Spares correction to 8. MB board description. Sep. 6. Cleaned up all the HTML, made it XHTML 1. W3. C validator. 20. Sep. 5. Added Can I add a DVDCD RW drive Hardware upgrades. Added Can I upgrade my processor Hardware upgrades. Updated How do I setup my monitors correctlyWindows 2. Windows 9. Sep. 4. Updated How do I output digital audio via the SPDIF. Windows XPAdded Pre made registry changes for those answers that contain registry. Added United States supplier to the Spare Parts supply. David Wolfskill. Updated What is the latest BIOSCompal BIOS2. Dec. 1. 1All new FAQ for Dell Inspiron 5. Submit your comments, corrections, andor suggestions by clicking. N3. 0 series and supplies it. See. Who supplies this machine There have been three major revisions to the N3. They are Model. Major differences. N3. 0W4. MB or 8. MB Rage Mobility PN3. W2. 8MB or 1. 6MB Rage 1. M3. MMC2 processors to 8. MHz. Up to SXGA 1. LCD resolution apart from Dell UXGA 1. N3. 8W3. 16. MB Rage 1. M3u. PGA 2 processors to 1. GHz. Up to UXGA 1. LCD resolution. The Dell Inspiron 5. N3. 0W model and the Inspiron 5. N3. 8W2 model. Dell has never offered a N3. W3 model. Most machines currently on the market are based around the N3. W2 model. with some now offering the N3. W3. The original N3. W is no longer available. Most items in this FAQ apply to all these models. Each model listed contains some basic details on the features and options that retailer has chosen to offer with the machine. The various models and options are as follows N3. WBrand. CPULCDVideo. Media drives. Hard drives. Weight. Operating systems. Warranty. Notes. Compal N3. W 4. MB8. MBDVD ROM2. CD ROMZIPLS 1. 20. GB 1. 8GB1. 4. 1 6. OEM only. No longer available. Wh battery. Dell Inspiron 5. Pentium III 4. 50. MHz 7. 50. MHz. 15 XGA4. MB8. MB6x DVD ROM2. CD ROMLS 1. 20. ZIPto 1. GB7. 7lbs No longer available. Wh battery 3 hourWin. DVDTux. Tops Obsidian N3. WNow Qli Linux Computers. Pentium III 6. 00. MHz 6. 50. MHz. 15 XGA8. MB6x DVD ROM to 1. GB Linux No longer available Wh battery. N3. 8W2. Brand. CPULCDVideo. Media drives. Hard drives. Weight. Operating systems. Warranty. Notes. Compal N3. W2. Pentium IIICeleron. XGA1. 5 SXGA8. MB1. MBDVD ROM2. 4x CD ROMZIPLS 1. GB6. 3. 7lbs XGA7. SXGAna. OEM only. Wh battery. Dell Inspiron 5. Pentium III 6. 00 8. MHz. Celeron 6. 00. MHz. 15 XGA1. 5 SXGA1. UXGA8. MB1. 6MB8x DVD ROM2. CD ROM4x. 4x. 20x CD RW8x. Enigmas Hardware Gallery. Mainboards. CPUs Graphic. Sound cards. Controller Hard disk. Miscellaneous. In case you are going to usecopy the images for your own online. More professional journalists however would send me an email with a. Please note these Hints. If you are looking for drivers there are no drivers here. But if the card appears on this page you may have good chances to find. Mainboards. Commodore. PC 1 mainboard. Year of manufacture 1. Commodore PC 1 Mainboard with 5. B RAM, additional 4. DIL sockets for expansion to 6. B present. Siemens 8. CPU, socket for 8. FPU. Left upper corner Motorola MC6. CRT controller and Paradise Video. PVC2, plantronics mode capable. Left lower corner connector for 5 14 DD disk drive. Right lower corner Paradise chip for parallel port PPC1 and WD8. Chipset is typical for Commodore. HP Vectra system. Year of manufacture 1. CPU with 8 MHz, socket for 8. FPU6. 40 k. B RAM is plugged seperately. Year of manufacture 1. TACT8. 23. 01. PB, TACT8. PB, TACT8. 23. 03. PBDIL sockets for RAM, 2. B RAM plugged with 4 chips. Intel 8. 02. 86 1. MHz plugged, free socket for FPU5x 1. ISAlt 1x 8 bit ISA slot. SX 1. 6 mainboardfrom a Highscreen 3. SX 1. 6 series III PC system. VIA chipset, 4 memory banks with 2 slots each, 6x 1. ISA and 2x 8 bit ISA slots. FPU socket with optional sync. Phoenix BIOS with Dallas DS1. ICYear of manufacture end of 1. A. mainboard. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset Chips P8. C2. 06, P8. 2C3. 04, P8. A3. 06, P8. 2C3. 01, P8. C3. 02, P8. 2C3. 03. P8. 2C3. 02. 8x SIMM 2 banks, supports 1 MB SIMMs, total 8x 1 MBsupports 1. MHz and 2. 5 MHz CPUs, socketed 3. DX 2. 5 IV, IIT 3. C8. 7 3. 3 FPU. in EMC socket. ISA, 2x 8 bit ISA slotsno cache on boardearly AMI CMOSXMOS BIOS3. MBA 0. 32. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset MX8. 3C3. FC, MX8. 3C3. 05. FCWhile this board has no separate cache, the chipset itself includes 8. B L2 cache. Baby AT form factor. SIMM 2 banks, 6x 1. ISA, 1x 8 bit ISAEMC socket for FPU. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset ETEQ3. 86 Bobcat, ET8. C4. 93, ET8. 2C4. SIMM 2 bankssoldered AMD 3. DX4. 0 and spare EMC socket Extended Math. Coprocessor6. 4 k. B cache. 16 MB cacheable size. CACHE 3. 2A mainboard. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset Chips Technologiesearly AMI BIOS with CMOS and XCMOS setup an included. Intel cache controller 8. CACHE 3. 2A. memory board. SIMM slots each. Since the chipset supports. MB capacity per SIMM maximum memory capacity is 1. MB. full length board. Accel Calmap Software. Private Parts Howard Stern Pdf Printer. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset SIS8x. SIMM, 6x 1. ISA, 2x 8 bit ISA slots, AMI BIOS6. B cache, 1. 6 MB cacheable areaplugged CPU ceramics AMD 3. DX 4. 0, Cyrix Fas. Math CX 8. 3D8. 7 4. GP. FPU, 8x 4 MB SIMMs. American Megatrends Baby Screamer mainboard. A deluxe 3. 86 mainboard with AMIVLSI chipset. The BIOS is split into. EPROMs OddEven BIOS. Free sockets are for 8. CPU and 8. 03. 87 FPU. SIMM, 8x ISA. 2x serial, 1x parallel, 1x IDE, 1x Floppy, AMI Mark V BIOS. Characteristics onboard Multi IO controller, full expandability with. Bit ISA slots, easily configureable with DIP switches. Year of manufacture 1. Peacock P3. 86. DX 4. Rev. 1. 0. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset Symphony Labs Haydn SL8. C3. 92, SL8. 2C4. SL8. 2C4. 55. Baby AT form factor. ISA slots, 8x SIMMon board Multi IO with 2x serial, 1x parallel, 1x IDE, 1x Floppy. B cache. CPU AMD Am. DX 4. 0 soldered, FPU IIT 3. C8. 7 4. 0 plugged. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset UMC 8. 2C4. UMC 8. 2C4. 82. Label TK 8. C4. 80. A 4. N D0. A Ver 1. 0. 12. 56 KB L2 cache. SIMM, 7x ISA 1x 8 bitunidentified 4. Year of manufacture 1. SIS 8. 5C4. 61. 25. KB L2 cache. 8x SIMM, 7x ISA, 2x VLB slot. PGA socket for 5. V 4. 86 CPUs, supports Write Back. VC HChipset VIA VT8. C4. 95 VT 8. 2C4. SIMM, 6x 1. 6Bit ISA4. PAT4. 8AV TMC Research Corp. Year of manufacture 1. Label PAT4. 8AV 1. Chipset Ali M1. 42. ISA, 3x VLB, 8x SIMM, 2 banks, 2. B cache. 48. 6 mainboard PAT4. PV TMC Research Corp. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset OPTI 8. 2C4. SX 8. 2C3. 92 SX6x ISA 1. VLB slot useable, 1x ISA 8 bit. SIMM2. 56 k. B L2 cache. Intel Over. Drive Socket 2. Gigabyte GA 4. 86. IMYear of manufacture 1. Chipset UMC UM8. 88. F UM8. 88. 1FSocket 3. ISA, 2 as VLB useable. PCI4x PS2 SIMM max. MB DRAM, 2. 56 k. B L2 cache, 6. 4 MB cacheable size. Elitegroup ECS UM8. PAIO Rev. 2. 1. Year of manufacture 1. Baby AT form factor. Chipset UMC UM8. 86. F UM8. 81. F4x 1. ISA, 3x PCI slot. PS2 SIMM max. 1. MB DRAM2. B L2 cache. Phoenix 4. PCI Pn. P BIOS 4. IDE and FDD using CMD6. PCI IDE controller, socketed Dallas. RTC, support for 3. V CPUs using plugable VRM module. Elitegroup ECS UM4. V AIODIP. Rev. Baby AT form factor. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset UMC UM8. C4. AF UM8. C4. 81. BF UM8. C8. 63. F UM8. 2C8. F UM8. 2C2. 06. FSupport for all 5. V socket 3 CPUs. 6x 1. ISA, 2x VLB4x SIMM slots, 2. B L2 cacheonboard IDE, Floppy, serial, parallel, game, PS2, external CMOS battery. ASUS PCII 4. 86. SP3. GYear of manufacture 1. PS2 SIMM, 4x ISA, 3x PCI, 1x IDE, Floppy, SCSI. KB, Chipset i. S8. ZX, i. S8. 24. 23. TX, i. S8. 23. 78. ZB SIO, SCSI Controller. NCR5. 3C8. 10 onboard. V Intel DX4, max. MHz FSB. Intel Saturn II chipsetThree PCI and 3 ISA slots or two PCI and four ISA, PCI 2. Four 7. 2 pin SIMM sockets for up to 1. MB of FPM DRAM, Parity. On board PCI SCSI controller based on the NCR 5. C8. 10 chip. On board National Semiconductor combo IO chip o Two serial ports 1. One bidirectional parallel port with EPP and ECP supporto Floppy controller supports 2. M driveso IDE controller unfortunately not EIDE, and not on PCI PS2 mouse port needs optional cableFlash BIOSGigabyte. GA 5. 86. IPIntroduced in march 1. Chipset Intel 4. NX Neptune, SMP supported, FPM DRAM, P7. MHz. FSB, 5. 12 MB max. L2 cacheable 5. 12 MB, Parity, PCI 2. Async. L2 cache. Southbridge 8. IBZB SIO, Characteristics no ATA interface onboard SIO has no IDE controller. USBGigabyte. GA 5. APChipset  Ali M1. M1. 44. 9Socket 5 board P5. C with PS2 SIMMFSB 5. MHzmax. 1. 92 MB RAMSocket 7 mainboard FIC PA 2. Chipset VIA VT8. C5. VP, VIA VT8. C5. 86. Baby AT form factor. PS2 SIMM, 4x PCI, 3x ISA, 2. B pipelined burst L2 cache. USB, separate CMOS battery. This board works also with a single PS2 SIMM plugged. Socket 7 mainboard Soyo. Chipset Intel i. FX6. PIIXBaby AT form factor. PS2 SIMM, 4x PCI, 4x ISA one shared2. B Async. cache, COAST slot, L2 cacheable area max. MBvoltage regulator slot not soldered. Mainboard Shuttle HOT 5. Rev. 2. 5. Chipset Intel i. FX6. 6, PIIXSocket 7,  max. P5. 4C 2. 00 MHz Pentium without MMXwith no more available voltage regulator board also P5. C 2. 33 MHz. Pentium MMX supported. FSB 4. 0,5. 0,6. 0,6. MHz, onboard 2 channel ATA4x PS2 SIMM slots, max. MB, 2. 56 k. B Pipelined Burst cache, L2. MB, COAST. slotmore details at Shuttle. Mainboard Shuttle. HOT 5. 57 Ver. 1. Year of manufacture 1. Chipset Intel i. 43. VX, Triton IINorthbridge SB8. VX, Southbridge PIIX3 SB8. SB. 4x PS2 FPMEDO or 2x DIMM SDRAM, no Parity  no ECC supported. PCI, 3x ISA slots, COAST slot AsyncPBurst L2 Cache On a StickTag. RAM L2 cacheable. MB, max. memory 1. MB. P7. 5, FSB 6. MHz, PCI 2. 1. SDRAM slots work at 5. V, 6. 6 MHz. Due to linear voltage regulators not compatible with K6 CPUs. Gigabyte GA 5. 86. UXChipset Intel i. HXATX form factor, AT and ATX power connector. PS2 SIMM, Multiplier max. Rev. 1. AYear of manufacture 1. ISA, 4x PCI, 1x shared. Gigabyte. GA 5. 86. SGChipset SIS 5. 59.