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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Tuning Software for MSII v2. The Windows 9xMEXPVista software application you use to tune and configure your MegaSquirt or MegaSquirtII is either Tuner. Im a fan of the Phillips Hue wireless LED lights, and find the ability to change the color of my room with my phone delightful. DreamScreen, loosely based on the. Perth solar installations Solar. O. P. Hi Guys,Im hoping to start this thread so it can cover personal experiencesopinionsadvicerecommendations regarding solar panel installations specifically here in Perth WA. I know that there are hundreds of other threads out there but I was beginning to suffer from information overload re different state regulations, component availablity, installers etc. Ford M Serial Calc Exe' title='Ford M Serial Calc Exe' />Ford M Serial Calc ExeFord M Serial Calc ExeHi Guys, Im hoping to start this thread so it can cover personal experiencesopinionsadvicerecommendations regarding solar panel installations specifically h. Introduction To EMicro Forex Futures Investopedia www. While there is no central marketplace for. You have not yet voted on this site If you have already visited the site, please help us classify the good from the bad by voting on this site. My solar related info is 1. My average consumption last year was 3. Wday yes I know that is a lot hence the need fpr a PV system. Northern suburbs house, north east facing roof. Interested in the 1. Romancing Saga Rom here. W range of systems. Interested in applying for the Green loan. Would like recommendations on installers. Would like to know more about what new meter is required if any7. Any WA specific laws etc that I need to be aware of. So come on Perth homeowners, this is the place to share your experiences Cheers Ill start the ball rolling. Relaying my own experience, I had a 1kw system installed around middle of last year. I am also NOR in Perth, but in a unit in the middle of 3 units. I used a company called Austech Solar who were excellent. I didnt need assistance of a Green Loan as Austech were offering a number of first come, first served customers free panels and install. All I paid for the whole 1kw system was about 5. Invertor, a Sunny Boy. Panels should be installed on a north facing position so I had 6 panels installed on the north end of my roof which is situated at the front of my place. As far as council laws go, I called them prior to install and my council said there was no problem and I didnt need any permissions. I am in the City of Stirling. My daily consumption is much smaller than yours, about 8kw a day. My 1kw system production output has maxed out at about 6. NsWXjxb9Q/0.jpg' alt='Ford M Serial Calc Exe' title='Ford M Serial Calc Exe' />My daily consumption should reduce a bit now as I am trying to reduce my air con usage through passive cooling techniques. Got my first power bill recently which showed a discount of around 5. Picture Style Canon Terbaru'>Picture Style Canon Terbaru. Ford M Serial Calc Exe' title='Ford M Serial Calc Exe' />My solar has been operational for the whole four months. I had my older mechanical meter upgraded to a Smart. Meter, which should cost about 2. I havent been charged for it yet. Keep in mind you should get up on your roof and clean your panels about every 2 4 weeks to maximise output. Dust does collect on them reasonably quickly. And standing on the ground spraying them with a hose doesnt seem to do much. You need to mop or wipe them clean. I haventcant answer all your questions but hope this helps you in some way. Good luck with it all. O. P. This is exactly the kind of post I was after. Thanks Angie B much appreciated Hi Fast,Like Angie I too have gone with the Smart. Meter, the price according to the letter I got is 2. If you dont use the SM, the Standard ImportExport Meter was 1. Didnt use green loan. Avg daily use is 1. Daily avg output will be about 8kw on my 1. Im down in Mandurah and had no issues with council regarding front facing panels. Experiences, pics and who I used North Perth based is in these two posts here,forum replies. Hope that helps alittle, good luck. What a great idea Were building down in Aubin Grove SOR at the moment and looking at solar. Problem is the house doesnt face due north, or west, or due any direction for that matter. Front of the house is North West, the roof wed probably want the panels on faces north east. Does anyone have any similar experiences in this regard, and how did it work for youJas. I havent had solar installed yet, but two companies have quoted on my roof which is ENE 7. North with a shallow 2. This is also confirmed on some government report I saw but cant remember the link. NE would be fine. You should be close to 9. O. P. Any more Perth experiences to share I live in Merriwa have 1kw Conergy system installed,got it installed june 2nd last year,last day for wa gov rebates. It is facing North and have produced a total of 1. Also have the importexport meter installed. I have a Conergy WR2. I am also looking to upgrade to a 2kw system very soon,prices have come down considerably since I had the install done. Have had the green audit done and will be applying for 1. Mine was through a company called Solar Harness. Forum Regular DHello, just thought that I would post my Sunsavers experience here in Perth. I have the 8. 00. July 6th this year. On November 1. 1th I ordered a 1. KW System over the phone. SB 4. 00. 0TL to allow for future expansion Nothing in writing, I havnt signed a thing. I was told 6 1. 2 weeks to install. On face value looked like a great deal as other quotes were up to 3. TL. And true to their promise the 1. Christmas in a registered envelope, with no accompanying paperwork, no reference to what I had purchased or agreed to purchase, just an envelope with a 1. They havnt asked me for any money so I figure that I have nothing to loose. Early In January I get a call from the installer in Perth RM Solutions saying that they were Sunsavers contractors in Perth and would like to install it on January 1. I said fantastic and arranged to change my shift at work to be home that day. A couple of days before they called to apologise but Sunsavers hadnt sent them the right gear and that the 4. TL wasnt available. So I made some calls to Sunsavers and the couldnt tell me when they would be available, so I compromised and changed the order to a SB1. Guess what installer calls up and books for Feb 4th, same deal calls 2 days before sorry Sunsavers havnt sent any Panels cant do the install. Another day off work for nothing. So I rang Brad Branch about 3 weeks ago now and they got some 4. TL inverters and sent them to Perth but the installer didnt receive them. So I am stiil waiting and July 6th is approaching. I presume that if I cancel with them I will have to return the 1. My concern is that if this goes on and on and on that I could wind up being responsible for the whole 8. Flash Player 11 For Windows Xp. Hopefully I will be able to report here soon that the system is now installed and that everything is great. O. P. Must be so frustrating Hope it all goes well for you and thanks for your contribution. South of the river. Having North West panels opposed to north east, it just didnt feel better having it on the east, but my main reason was my neightbout did not complete his house means having to guess how high his roof was going to be wasnt worth betting on. At worse I can have a second inverter with north east panels. My North west panels today generated about 9. KW. This is a 1. 5. KW with sunnboy 3. TL inverter and 9 suntech panels. I am on A1 Tariff, as I do use electricity during the day it wasnt worth stuffing around with plans. I have so far used 4. Needless to say I am upfront. I probably use about 5 8. KW a day. I dont have AC so thats probably why. Mine was through a company called Solar Harness. They installed my solar PV system too. Ive only had it 1 week, but it seems to work. The proof will be in the next bill though. My 1. 5kw system has 9 panels, with a Conergy inverter. On a sunny day, it seems to get 9 kwh 1 kwh above my average bill. If its cloudy, its only about 3 4 kwh. Output peaks at 1. Antithesis writes. Conergy inverter. Did you went through with that companyThey are quite pricey. Did you went through with that companyThey are quite pricey. In the end, with the rebate, it was 1. I got it on the green loan which I understand is now scrapped, so little upfront cost for me. Its perhaps more pricey than others, but cheaper than some another was quoting me 1.