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FORTEC STAR Lifetime Ultra Blind Search satellite receiver. Offers computer forums for chat and discussion on a wide range of computer related topics. You can chat anything on computer. You can discuss about any comouter. How to upgrade Set Top Box firmware by PC RS2. Track Dish. com. Fta Dish Channel List SoftwareFree to Air FTA Satellite System. A Free to Air Satellite receiver abbreviated FTA receivers refers to satellite receivers that are designed to receive. A5SjP0k/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Fta Dish Channel List Software' title='Fta Dish Channel List Software' />Fta Dish Channel List SoftwareHello Friends As you know, sometime set top box firmwaresoftware bricks due to power fluctuations, wrong firmware upgrade or incomplete dump process. Here I will tell you some easy method to get back your set top box again without sending it to service centre. To recover your dead set top box, you need few tools or accessories which are DB null RS2. Click here to know more. A PC with Windows Operating System. Serial Cable Driver Software optionalUniversal Loader Software to upgrade This universal software works with almost all set top boxes Download Here. Latest Firmware for your STB in. Power backup Like UPS InvertorsBricked Dead STBHow to upgrade set top box firmware via RS2. Now connect your set top box to serial port of your computer using RS2. Palm Shadows Apartments Chula Vista Ca. STB should be in switch off. Now install universal loader and open it, choose operate mode to Upgrade and now browse. Include Bootloader to upgrade flash. Following screen will come, now switch on your STB. If your RS2. 32 cable connection is correct then you will see following screen and wait for few minutesOnce firmware download from our PCcomputer to STB, it will be install as given below screen. If you see small pop for Upgrade Success then give a big smile. Alert This method is used for recovering the dead STBs or Upgrade STB. Do it with your own risk. I will reply you hereThank you.