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Aaronia Spectran Forum and Spectrum Analyzer Developer Website  MCS Software. Removed an issue where span frequency could not be set below 1 MHz. Categorised list of freely available GIS datasets. Includes everything from administrative boundaries to population, and from terrorist incidents to global vegetation. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Added calibration data for Iso. LOG Mobile, Hyper. LOG 6. 02. 00. X and Hyper. LOG 3. 02. 00. X. Using Other File Formats By Stephen Holmes, Head of Consulting Services, Cadventure BE Presenter Stephen Holmes shows how MicroStation can now open SketchUp. SKP. Postal and ZIP Code database Support GeoPostcodes Postal code ZIP codes. Download zipcodes listing by countries. Buy postcodes of the world. International Google Search, commonly referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a web search engine developed by Google. It is the mostused search engine on the World. Google_Earth_KML4.jpg' alt='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' title='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' />Added experimental commandline option for session restore. Various minor bugfixes and improvements. Use device specific frequency limits for UI elements. Fixed several issues with generating profiles from device settings. Linux version Change install location from optaaronia to optAaroniaMCS for interoperability reasons. On XFR devices the GPS sensor is no longer connected automatically as it may crash the application. Adjusted frequency parameters for V5 devices. Last update Septembre 23, 2015 Version 1. Spanish version. Important my level of English is not good. So, if you find a bad translation, please, contact me to. Getting started using jQuery with the Google Maps API. Google-earth-1.jpg' alt='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' title='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' />Fixed import functionality for EFIS csv export. Added commandline option auto record to automatically start a recording. General update of sweep profiles. Various minor bugfixes. Fixed connection issues with current Spectran V5 devices. Fixed inverted values when processing UBBV2 calibration data read from devices. SincpacC3D_Help/Images/SP_ExportKMZ_GE_Half.jpg' alt='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' title='Google Earth No Results Empty Kml File' />Added initial support for GPS Logger V2. Added calibration data for UBBV 0. Fixed application crash when generating reports on Windows. Changed logic for displaying frequencies to avoid bogus decimal digits. Added d. BAm as new unit. Fixed Peak Suppression for NF 5. S devices. Use correct unit to detect maximum value in Results control. Various minor bugfixes and improvements. Added a screenshot function to main toolbar. Added new trace type Dynamic Maximum that calculates the maximum of the last 2. The number of traces. Average trace and can be adjusted in the same way. Updated english manual. Updated FTDI driver on Windows. Ensure that replay progress bar ends at 1. Fixed GSM 1. 80. 0 UpDownlink profiles. Improved functionality of optical zoom mode in spectrum view. Improved error reporting when loading MDR files. Fixed graphical issues when drawing traces in spectrum view in certain situations. Added display of currently measured frequency cursor position and corresponding measurement value in result control. Loading a replay as reference trace will now apply suppression and calibration data. Fixed handling of Image suppression feature when using units other than d. Bm. Image suppression now also affects maximum, minimum and average trace. Added display of current peak suppression mode to statusbar. Fixed display of reference traces in time domain mode. Removed peak suppression status from sessions. Several minor bugfixes and improvements. Limits now also work properly with only two entries. Fixed a bug in the limit editor when adding entries above 2 GHz. Removed obsolete Spectran Server manual. Fixed an issue with peak suppression not working in some cases. Fixed replay functionality of NF data recordings. Various minor bugfixes and improvements. Auto Adjust will now pick a more reasonable scaling when no reference data exists. Spectran filemanager to display default p code files again. GPS widget to show bogus values. CSV files from the EFIS database. FTDI drivers. fixed a bug that crashed the MCS when opening the spectrum view a second time or an editor window. Windows Qt. 5 version. Windows installer. H, K, M and G to frequency input window for switching frequency units directly. RSA network authentication not working all the time. MDF calibration records. RSA devices. extend range for manual calibration offset to 1. B. allow Hz and k. Hz values to be entered directly in calibration editor. GSM and UMTS provider profiles. MDF calibration records. Trigger dialog, added support for reference traces as trigger lines and triggering on minmaxavg. Pseudo Spectran feature. KML export. added option to change update rate of Aaronia GPS Logger. GPS Logger support. UBBV calibration data. Detector control for NF devices. UI improvements to StartStop buttons for sweeping and recording. USB Spectran during MCS startup. USERIP PORT to connect to the specified remote Spectran server new RSA models only. FILE to directly start a replay from a recorded MDR file. Grand Ip Video Server Software there. NAME to override the regular default profile. GPS control in the sidebar to show detailed GPS information if a GPS Logger is connected. GPS information is now displayed in the Spectrum settings overlay. GPS Logger. added support for internal GPS sensor of XFRpro models. MDR recordings can now include GPS data if a GPS Logger is connected during the recording. MCS will now prevent setting frequency parameters outside the specified frequency range of a connected device. CSV format using the Save Trace button and selecting the correct file format. CSV recording of time domain only measurements note timestamps on. German, Chinese and Portuguese translations, removed Russian translation. Note that some of the more confusing features. Note that this will only be used for new Spectran RSA models produced after January 2. Spectran Network Server Utility due to various issues in the old networking code. NF preamplifiers. ICNIRP limit values above 1. MHz. improved import of CSV calibration data. Chinese translation. Spectran devices were not found in the connection manager. Settings control. NF static sensor recalibration. V5 compability mode. NF devices. added Recording action for triggers to start a MDR recording on specific conditions. NOTE due to changes in the device communication the Network Connection feature is currently not working and has. If you need that feature please use version 1. NF profile to TFT instead of Power. NF preamplifiers, and enabled calibration settings for NF Spectran devices. NOTE profile and limit editors are still experimental and somewhat unstable, so use at your own risk. Settings control. Settings control on replays. Cut Off level functionality. Channel and Sweep Profiles have been merged. The old sweepprofiles. Also the channel editor has been replaced. Calibration Data Files antenna. Calibration Data Editor added. Limit Editor has been reworked, including added support for logarithmic interpolation and real spectrum preview. The Spectrum View now supports three different modes for mouse interaction. Spectrum Control. Change Parameters Mouse Selection will adjust device and graphic parameters Start Stop Frequency, Reference. Dynamic, Double Click will switch to Zero Span mode at the clicked frequency, Right click will open a context menu. Zoom Mouse Selection will zoom the selected area of the graphic without changing device parameters, Double Click. Middle Click will reset zoom to normal. Right Click will open a context menu. Edit Markers DragDrop will move markers to different frequenciestraces, Double Click will create new markers. Right Click will remove markers also see changelog entry for 1. Generate Mapfile supports now NMEA files for GPS coordinates in addition to GPX files. NF devicesreplays. D axis trace controls disappearing randomly. Windows version was only an issue for new installs on Windows 8. NF logger files. improved peak suppression on NF. Hyper. LOG 6. 01. X. fix changing center frequency in the demodulation control. D axis controls when a NF in 3. D mode is connected. Mac. OS X application bundle. NF devices. Generate Mapfile feature now also supports reading raw NMEA sentence files. UBBV calibration data. UBBV calibration data Note only new UBBV devices are supported, existing ones. MDR files with decimal digits NF. Demodulation control that replaces the old Demodulation toolbar menu. In addition to selecting the demod mode.