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California Cash for Clunkers Vehicle Retirement Program. The State of Californias Cash for Clunkers car buyback program called CAP Consumer Assistance. Business News, Personal Finance and Money News. I Need A Cheap Ride To Help Me Get Back On My Feet What Car Should I Buy Joe has had a tough run. Last year, he lost his job and, subsequently, his apartment, along with his car. But things are looking up and he needs an affordable and reliable ride to get him back on track. What car should he buyWelcome back to What Car Should You Buy Where we give real people real advice about buying cars. Official site. Government page links to state laws, elected officials, agencies and departments, and sites for cities and counties in the state. True Story of the EV1. There are a lot of mistakes and untruths in stories about the amazing electric EV1, the car that won the enduring love of so many former. Police Auction. The New York City Police Department regularly holds online auctions to dispose of seized, unclaimed property and vehicles. The Property Clerk Division. Do you want us to help you find a car Submit your story on our form. Here is the scenario Last year my entire life unraveled. I lost my job. My apartment and my car. Ive spent the last year getting things back on track and got a new job, but its a two hour commute by bus each way. Time for a cheap car. This car should be cheap and easy to work on as I dont have the space for a major engine rebuild or swap. ChromeImageGallery/ColorMatched_02/White/640/cc_2013BMW011a_02_640/cc_2013BMW011a_02_640_X08.jpg?itok=d20dZCxK' alt='Government Car Buy Back Program California' title='Government Car Buy Back Program California' />Daily paper. Local, state, and wire news and commentary. Photo galleries, business and obituaries. A31300000578-3552266-image-a-63_1461256084306.jpg' alt='Government Car Buy Back Program California' title='Government Car Buy Back Program California' />Government Car Buy Back Program CaliforniaSomething I know will get me to work every day without exploding. Id like it to be fun, but not holding my breath. At this stage, I dont have much money, but I could swing about 5,0. I would prefer a manual car so its more fun to drive, and since it is just me I dont have to worry about size or practicality. The only thing I really ask that you do not recommend a Prius. Quick Facts Budget 5,0. Daily Driver Yes. Location Los Angeles. Wants Affordable, reliable, preferably a manual. Doesnt want Something that will break down, or be costly to repair. Expert 1 Tom Mc. Parland Sometimes A Car Is Just A Tool And That Is Okay. Joe, sorry to hear about your bad luck, but Im glad things are getting better. First of all, good for you for not doing what most people do by taking out a huge car loan potentially putting yourself in a worse financial situation. Five grand isnt a lot, but it can get a car that will get the job done. I say find yourself a nice Scion x. B. They arent fast, nor are they fancy, but they at least have all the reliability you would expect from the Corolla components with a lot more character. They are also pretty fuel efficient and can haul a ton of stuff. There are plenty of these to be had in So. Cal, but be careful of ones with questionable modifications andor salvage titles. Toyota just announced that the Scion x. B is finally ending after a run of a dozen years. To anyoneRead more Read. Here is a 2. 00. 5 with a five speed manual that looks like its in good shape, because you really want a first generation x. B. Have fun and good luck. Expert 2 Jason Torchinsky Theres No Reason Why You Cant Still Have Fun. Its deeply shitty that life dealt you such a raw deal recently, but Im glad things are looking up again, and I dont see any reason why you cant find something interesting and fun even on a limited budget. The key to feeling good about life is not feeling like important thingslike your carwere something you ended up with as opposed to chose. Thats why I think youd love this amazing 4. JDM Suzuki Jimny In the survey Tom made you take it said you liked Suzukis, and that photo you sent suggests you like off roaders, too. That makes the Jimny damn near perfect. We got these in the U. S. as Samurais, but this little tough guy is the original, right from Japan, and that means its right hand drive, which is cool. This little Jimny has the rare panoramic roof with the upper windows, some fetching little yellow foglamps set in the dash, and looks like a tiny version of some badass desert exploration vehicle. Its a turbocharged, three cylinder, four wheel drive, right hand drive block of raw, Japanese fun. This isnt a desperation vehicle, its an inspiration Youll love it. Oh, and if not, I was going to pick an x. B, too, but that jackass Tom stole it. Expert 3 Patrick George You Deserve Nice And Reliable Things. Joe, Im sorry to hear of your troubles. And I think youre being very smart here sticking to a sensible budget, not messing with financing or leasing, and focusing on a car thats reliable, but still fun. Youre doing exactly what Id suggest people in your shoes do. But Being a bit down on your luck doesnt mean you have to drive some deplorable garbage box. And 5,0. 00 will objectively get you a whole lot of car. You can even get something nice. I suggest the mid 2. Acura TSX. Its not quite as opulent as its German competitors, but its more premium than your average Honda, all while keeping that famous Honda reliability. Its fun, too, especially with the manuala sharp handling, revvy little sedan with a ton of practicality. Heres a 2. 00. 4 model for 5,0. In Honda years, thats a new car Expert 4 Kristen Lee Loves Goddamn Colors. Hey there, Joe Congratulations on being on the upswing now. To celebrate, why not get something happily named and spunky Something like a 2. Ford Fiesta You say you dont need the most space in the entire world, but the Fiesta comes in two door, four door, hatchback and sedan variations. So many choices Powered by a 1. Limesurvey Templates Version 5.0. The Fiesta gets great gas mileage, which will definitely come in handy on those long LA highwaystuck sitting in traffic and pissed off trips. And as an added bonus, you can certainly get them with manual transmissions, making those commutes infinitely more enjoyable and engaging. Heres a silver 2. Fiesta sedan with 9. Cars only three years oldand this one appears to have some original warranty still left over on it.