Installing Squidguard On Windows

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Server World Build Network Server. This article explains how to set up a Postfix SMTP server in RHEL 7, where emails sent by local users are forwarded to a central mail server for easier access. Lets say you have a younger user who is getting a handmedown machine that needs an OS reinstall. If you dont have that copy of Windows around, youre stuck. After getting my eyes of a Cisco 2960 configured created by DEECD, I decided to replicate their config on our HP Procurve switches. Connect to the switch via telnet. Step by step help on how to using sha1sum. MS Windows 2000 and XP computer presented with screenshot. Cisco CCNA, Routing, Switching, Packet Tracer, Linux, Security, Photoshop, Flash, Windows Server, and Web Game Programming. Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Web Filter Proxy with Squid. Guard Overview. Most routers for the home dont do a very good job at filtering objectionable web content. One possible solution is to turn a Raspberry Pi into a proxy web filter that can protect users on your home network. In this lab, I turn a Raspberry Pi running the Raspbian Linux operating system into a robust web proxy that filters objectionable web sites. In order to turn the Raspberry Pi into a web proxy I install and configure Squid and Squid. Guard, and then I download and configure a blacklist file which is available for personal use through a creative commons license. This lab focuses on turning the Raspberry Pi into a standalone proxy server that can be reached by changing the network clients web browser proxy settings, or by configuring the router to direct web traffic to the proxy server. PfSense Squid Squidguard Traffic Shapping Tutorial In this tutorial I will show you how to set up pfSense 2. Internet Gateway w. TXNeqVb8/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Installing Squidguard On Windows' title='Installing Squidguard On Windows' />Installing Squidguard On WindowsCreate a DVD for installing Ubuntu 14. For example, if you create it with Windows 7810 standard function, refer to follows. In a follow up lab, you could configure the Raspberry Pi as a transparent inline proxy server. Step by step instructions. First, I recommend updating your repositories and then installing the program locate and updating the indexdatabase of file locations. This will help you if you need search for the file paths to the Squid and Squid. Guard configuration files. After installing Squid and Squid. Guard you will want to run the sudo updatedb command again in order to make the newly installed files indexed and searchable with locate. Install Squid, start it, and set it to start on boot sudo apt get install squid. Use netstat to check to see if Squid is listening on port 3. Squid uses is proxy proxy for the user and group sudo netstat antp grep squid sudo ps aux grep squid. Edit the Squid configuration file and then reload Squid. Notice, that I run updatedb and then use locate to find the location of the squid. S sudo locate squid. In nano use the Ctrlw keys to search for, and jump to, specific lines in the configuration fileacl localnet src 1. Now that Squid is running you can test it from another computer on the network by going to another computer and changing the settings in Firefox or Chrome to point to the Squid web proxy on the Raspberry Pi. Open Firefox and go to File Options advanced network tab connection settings manual proxy configurationand set it to lt the ip address of the computerRPi running squid 3. Note In order to test the Squid proxy server from another computer you will need to make sure that the proxy servers firewall is not blocking outside requests. Depending on your distribution the Linux firewalld or iptables firewall can be actively blocking outside requests. You will need to add a rule to allow requests on port 3. On the Raspbian operating system by default there should be no firewall activated, but just in case, you can turn off the iptables firewall using the following command sudo service iptables stop. You can monitor the access log to see it working sudo tail f varlogsquid. Now browse the web in Firefox, or the web browser of your choice to see if you are able to receive webpages through the Squid proxy. If you are able to successfully reach websites, then the Squid proxy is working correctly and allowing web requests. Look to the output of Squids access. Squid issue the tail command shown above5. With Squid working you can now install Squid. Guard sudo apt get install squid. Guard. 6. Now that Squid. Guard is installed, you will want to download a blacklist of websites and domains that you can block with Squid. Guard. You can find more information at http squidguard. Squid. Guard and where to find blacklists. A great resource is located at http dsi. The website http www. You will find links to other commercial blacklist sites as well. For this lab, I recommend downloading the shallalist. You can download it from the command line using wget or from the gui using a webbrowser. Download the blacklist file to your Downloads or home folder but before you install a full blacklist lets create a testdomain file with test domains for Squid. Guard to practice blocking cd varlibsquidguarddb sudo nano testdomainstype in three lines of text to add some test domains to block yahoo. Now edit the squid. Guard. conf file to configure it to work with the testdomains file. You may want to back up the squid. Guard. conf file before making changes. Guard. conf squid. Guard. conf. bak sudo nano c etcsquidguardsquid. Guard. conf. In the config file, add the following text elements in red. Be careful in your edits, incorrect syntax will cause squid. Guard to fail. The beginning of the text file has been omitted. BLporndomains   urllist        BLpornurls   expressionlist    BLadultexpressions   redirect http admin. Save and exit. 8. Now install the Apache. Blockedlt title lt head lt body lt h. You have been blocked by Raspberry Pi administratorlt h. Save and exit. 9. Now you need to compile the Squid. Guard blacklists. Guard C all. 10. Now give Squid. R proxy proxy varlibsquidguarddb sudo chown R proxy proxy varlogsquidguard sudo chown R proxy proxy usrbinsquid. Guard. 11. Edit the squid. Squid sudo nano c etcsquid. Add the following line to the squid. Guard sudo service squid. Now open the Firefox browser from another computer and test to see if the domains listed in the testdomains file in step 6 are successfully blocked. Domains not listed in the testdomains file should be allowed. In other words, from another computer with the web browser configured with the proxy settings of the Raspberry Pis ip address and port number 3. If you were successful at blocking the testdomains then its time to extract and decompress the shallalist. Step 6. When you extract shallalist. BL. You will then copy BL to the squidguard db folder cd Downloads tar xzf shallalist. BL R varlibsquidguarddb cd varlibsquidguarddb. Now recursively change permissions on the BL blacklists folder so you can list through the various blacklist categories that you may wish to activate. You will need to know the name paths of the categories, folders and files that you will want to compile to work with Squid. Guard sudo chmod R 7. The Fight For Glorton Game 2. BL sudo chown R proxy proxy varlibsquidguarddbBL ls varlibsquidguarddbBL1. Now you can edit the squid. Guard. conf file to configure it to begin blocking undesirable content sudo nano c etcsquidguardsquid. Guard. conf. In the config file, change the following lines in red. Be careful in your edits, incorrect syntax will cause squid. Guard to fail. You will need to add a dest gamble block as well as changing the paths to the content you intend to block. Notice under dest gamble that I change the paths under domainlist and urllist to match the content and paths in the BL folderlt previous lines in the squid. Guard configuration file are omitted dest adult    domainlist        BLporndomains   urllist        BLpornurls   expressionlist    BLadultexpressions   redirect http admin. BLgambledomainsurllist             BLgambleurlsacl admin pass anyfoo clients within workhours           pass good Save and exit. Now you need to recompile the Squid.