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Rideshare Drivers Tell Us About Driving for Uber vs. Lyft. If youre considering becoming a ride share driver, you need to figure out is which company is best for you. The two most obvious choices are Uber vs. Program Pentru Vizualizat Poze'>Program Pentru Vizualizat Poze. Lyft they dominate the market and have the largest customer base, meaning more frequent pickups for their drivers. However, these 2 companies are much different for drivers youll need to decide which one is right for you before making your decision. To help you out, we polled our database of over 2. Uber and Lyft drivers and asked them for their input on the matter. Question. If youve driven for both Uber and Lyft, wed love your input. Which company Uber or Lyft do you prefer to drive for and why This article details the results of the poll, as well as direct quotes from ride sharing drivers who chose to expand their answers further. NOTE Here at Hyre. Car, were not affiliated with either Lyft or Uber. Service Centers in Palm Beach County Driver License and Motor Vehicle Service Centers For current motorist services fees please see the fee schedule. Bureau for. Lake Worth Drivers License Office HoursWere here to provide low cost rental cars for all ride sharing drivers. The opinions expressed here are not our own. Experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyers. Our CDL traffic ticket defense lawyers are experienced in handling commercial drivers license cases and will work with you to. This article contains honest feedback our customers who have driven for both Uber and Lyft. Poll results. From all of the ride sharing drivers we polled, the results favored Lyft Drivers who preferred Lyft 1. Drivers who preferred Uber 7. Uber has a larger customer base, meaning more rides as a drivers. However, Lyft pays drivers slightly more and has a rider minimum. Lyft has also built credibility as being a little more driver friendly. Ubers onboarding process as a driver is easier Lyft has more stringent requirements. Uber has no rider minimum, meaning drivers can get stuck making a few cents per passenger. Quotes from Lyft Uber drivers. I always tell people that I prefer driving for Lyft but make more money and get more rides with Uber. I think Lyft does a great job cultivating a driver friendly culture though and it shows with a lot of their features. Even before you start driving, Lyft greets new drivers with a mentor ride which allows them to get familiar with the app and meet another more experienced driver in person. Uber on the other hand, sends you a few 5 minute Youtube videos which nobody watches I didnt and then youre thrown to the wolves. But regardless of which company you prefer, youre now a business owner as a rideshare driver and you need to diversify your income. Even if you are plenty busy with Uber, youll still want to have Lyft or another service as a back up for those times that you get locked out of your account or when the Uber app goes down for a couple hours. Ultimately though, I like to support Lyft and other services as much as I can because competition is a good thing for drivers. The more companies there are, the more options drivers will have. Founder at The. Rideshare. Guy. com. LYFT is better Bottom line Tips for the drivers Which erases most of your third party feesYou can defend a low rating given by a passenger Which by the way is ridiculous considering we are self employed contractors using a 3rd party app it has too much bearing on our livelihood great driver support Great weekly bonus initiatives Only thing I can complain about is there no actual place like uber off Westwood that you can go toI went to LYFT after I was suspended for low ratings with uber and never been back since because it is a different caliber of passenger Uber riders expect you to cater them as if they are paying top tier black car limousine service Considering you are getting 7. I would always pick LYFT over uber mainly because of the ratings also. Hands down, the answer is Lyft. While the total dollar amount you may make driving for UBER will likely be more than your total for Lyft, you will make less per ride with UBER. So, for each ride you make driving for Lyft, you will be making more for that ride than you would have made if you were driving for UBER. Its also worth noting that, in general, Lyfts policies toward drivers are much more favorable than UBERs policy toward drivers. One example, when you arrive to pickup a Lyft passenger, the passenger is charged from that point forward. For UBER drivers, the passenger is charged only after they get in your vehicle and the trip begins. Another example, when you cancel a trip because a rider is a no show, Lyft will give you the full 5 cancellation fee after waiting 5 minutes as long as you called the rider first. UBER only gives you 4 of the 5 and only if the UBER system indicates that you arrived on time and at the location where the rider is actually located. So, if the rider or system indicates an incorrect location to be picked up, you will not receive any cancellation fee regardless of who cancels the trip. Overall, it just boils down to Lyft having a much better appreciation for their drivers than does UBER. I prefer to drive for Lyft because I have never had a bad Lyft customer 3. I have had a lot of Uber customers 6. One man puked in my front seat about 2. I picked him up, like, really dude and it ruined my night. Because my Lyft customers tend to treat me better I tend to give better service. About 5. 0 of my riders leave me a tip and its not uncommon to get 5 on even a short ride. I never expect a tip for Uber, I generally get one or two a day if I give 2. I have a nicer car 2. Hyundai Sonata that I meticulously clean and only Uber customers will bring greasy food in my car and think its okay to set it on my backseat. All customers get their luggage loaded so that I close my trunk myself it takes no force but customers enjoy slamming it, same goes for my doors when possible. With enough rides for Lyft there is a reduction in commission, so I try and do as many as I can each week. With Uber the rates are extremely low and it can be hard to turn a profit. I like driving for Lyft more but I do both. Uber is just better with demand. Lyft has some dead hours during the week but they are preferred because of higher earnings per ride, electronic tips allowed, I can see my riders destination if they enter it before I pick them up, nicer passengers, I can see there faces before I pick them up, being able to use Apple maps, there is also a destination filter so I can get passengers only going in my direction however it limits drastically my requests usually defeating the purpose when Im ready to go home. I work for both uber and LYFT. I personally prefer lyft because their drivers are very pleasant and always smile. They are faster to get to me, and I am always please for the drivers. Also they take care of their drivers and their cars seem nicer, more comfortable and better drivers who take this seriously. Also, after 5. 0 of earnings, I have the option to deposit THE funds after reaching that goal, which is why I prefer LYFT. I drive exclusively for Uber. I tried for two years to onboard with Lyft but I ran into CONSTANT problems enrolling with them. The barriers seemed impossible to overcome so I gave up trying to drive for Lyft. I have picked up customers who ride with both services. Lyft customers almost always prefer to sit in the front seat, whereas Uber customers use the front seat only if there is a group during the ride. I like when clients sit in the front seat because they tend to be a bit more friendly and enjoy conversation andmusic. I ultimately recommend Uber because they offer paths to higher income with Uber. SELECT, Uber. BLACK and Uber. Grade Fixation Software there. LUX.  Drivers can more money in less time by driving fewer miles with a more expensive car. Uber. X vehicle is 2.