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The Ultimate 7 day Teton and Yellowstone Road Trip Itinerary. Last winter, I went up to Jackson for an awesome winter weekend at the Triangle X Ranch just outside of Teton National Park. We did some cross country skiing and snowmobiling, and ever since Ive been itching to get back for some summer adventures. But with so much to do up there, planning a trip to the region can be overwhelming. Thats why I was so excited when Bearfoot reader Kim Vawter offered to share her 7 day road trip itinerary that took her through both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Below she shares her favorite spots, photos, and best travel tips for maximizing your time in the area. Sounds like an incredible week on the road if you ask me, and with the information, she provides, planning a trip up to these two incredible parks is going to be a cinch. Check out my Ultimate Road Trip Planning Guide. Ever since reading about Bryce Thatchers 1. Grand Teton I have had a passion to visit the region. With Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park being just 3. By following this Teton and Yellowstone road trip itinerary, youll hit up a large number of the best sites in the Park in just 7 days without spending too much time in the car. Getting There There are a couple of options for starting your road trip, depending on where you are coming from. If you are flying, you can fly into Salt Lake City and enjoy a 5 hour drive to Grand Teton National Park. Or you can fly into the much more expensive, yet scenic Jackson Hole airport. If you chose the budget friendly version, there are two routes from SLC to Grand Teton National Park which make for a great loop. On your way up to Teton National Park, take I 1. Cd Template Pdf. North through Swan Valley and Victor, ID. This route provides a glimpse of the backside of Grand Teton, building anticipation for whats ahead. Then for your return home, take US 8. SI 8. 0 W which follows the Snake River and makes for a nice change of scenery on the way back to Salt Lake. Be aware that many of the roads close in both parks during the winter season typically November through early May, including the southern entrance of Yellowstone. For seasonal road closure information, see these pages on the Grand Teton and Yellowstone websites. Grand Teton National Park Map click on the map for a larger version Day 1. Get an early start and begin your day at the brand new Grand Teton Visitor Center near the South Entrance. The park video gives you a great intro to the park and after the video make sure to stay seated as they open the blinds to reveal a floor to ceiling window which showcases the Grand Teton. Next head over to explore southeast corner of the park on foot. LSRTSEATTLE.jpg' alt='Little Shop Road Trip' title='Little Shop Road Trip' />Little Shop Road TripStart at the Death Canyon Trailhead and hike just over a mile to a gorgeous overlook that peers down 7. Phelps Lake. This section of the trail is easy, gaining just about 2. After taking in the views, continue from the overlook down the switchbacks that drop you into the entrance of Death Canyonit is neat to see the large canyon walls now loom above you From here you can stay and hang out at the lake or venture further down into the canyon. Bears also frequent the lake so be on the lookout for a neighbor Check out this link for a note on bear safety. New to Hiking Read Back to the Basics Hiking 1. CF2rT-P5GPk/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Little Shop Road Trip' title='Little Shop Road Trip' />Tips Post hike head on over to camp at Jenny Lake for the evening. NOTE In the summer the campsites fill up quickly, sometimes as early as 8am, so it is vital that you plan to first thing in the morning for a site. While slightly out of the way from Death Canyon, if you are traveling during the busy summer season, its probably worth going up to Jenny Lake first thing to snag a spot before heading out for the day to explore. If the campground is full or youd prefer not to camp, here is a list of alternative lodging in Grand Teton National Park. Day 2. Get on one of the first boats across Jenny Lake to the trailheads on the other side of the lake. Youll find short and simple trails leading you to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point. Escape the crowds by continuing on past Inspiration Point to Lake Solitude. From the boat landing, Lake Solitude is around 1. Whew Where to begin For those of you saw my tweets yesterday you know that this turned out to be a most interesting trip LOL. It started with a friend telling me. Q7RXUUBSSeQ/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Little Shop Road Trip' title='Little Shop Road Trip' />It makes for a longer day, but traveling below the jagged peaks of Cascade Canyon provides very different scenery from the prior day in Death Canyon. For more information on this trail, see this trail guide. We just got word that the segment between Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point has been closed for 2. However, Cascade Canyon is still accessible via a reroute. Get the latest updates here. Hidden Falls. Cascade Canyon. Lake Solitude. When you return from your hike, reward yourself with huckleberry margaritas and nachos at the Signal Mountain Lodgeit is a local favorite among all the park staff and a delightful post hike treat Afterwards drive up the Signal Mountain Road for an incredible aerial view that is sure to impress. For a change of campsite scenery, relocate your tent on night 2 to the Colter Bay Campground which will have you waking up a bit closer the next day to the road that heads up to Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park click on the map for a larger version Day 3. Yellowstone or bust Be prepared to travel a short distance and see an entirely different world. My friend commonly referred to Yellowstone as extraterrestrial or something from another planet. On your way into the park, swing by the Grant Village Visitors Center to see the video about the famous 1. Yellowstone fire that burned a third of Yellowstoneit will help explain the devastation Yellowstone faced and why it had such a rough appearance in areas. One of the best parts of Yellowstone is that the main road is a loop so you basically just keep working yourself around the circle. I recommend on your first day heading clockwise to Old Faithful and getting this tourist packed attraction checked off the list. 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Little Shop Road Trip' title='Little Shop Road Trip' />The visitor center alongside it is equally impressive and very informative. The geyser erupts about every 9. There is lots of room to watch it so you only need to be there about 1. Dont miss the Old Faithful Inn tour, SERIOUSLY. You might think, I came to a national park to explore the great outdoors, not a building but just wait until you walk into the lobby of the Old Faithful Inn. The tour is free and provides so much history about not only the hotel but the park itself and its first visitors. Then once youve seen Old Faithful erupt, follow the boardwalk around to explore the Upper Geyser Basin which has the largest concentration of colorful hot pools in the world. Upper Geyser Basin. As the sun sets head on over to the small town of West Yellowstone for a night at a local motel. This town also has a great little family owned grocery store so you can restock on food you will get really sick of the park food really quicklyit is the same between both parks and at all stores in the parks. Day 4. First things first. Pop into the Woodside Bakery and grab a breakfast sandwich and huckleberry scone to fuel your morning before heading back into the park early to beat the rush. Then head north towards Mammoth. On the way to Mammoth a quick stop at the Park Ranger Museum provides some history on the National Park Service, and if you arent totally geysered out stop at the Norris Geyser Basin for a short walk to stretch the legs and get your morning dose. Bucket list destinations in the USA. If you really want to experience what the USA has to offer, put these spots on your list.