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GRASS VALLEY KAYAK USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Kayak DIGITAL PRODUCTION SWITCHER User Manual SOFTWARE VERSION 6. MAY 2. 00. 7. Affiliate with the N. Manually Install Device Drivers Pp Joy Setup' title='Manually Install Device Drivers Pp Joy Setup' />Download the free trial version below to get started. Doubleclick the downloaded file to install the software. If youre selling your phone or giving the device to a friend, you can turn Activation Lock off after both turning Find My iPhone off and removing your account from. DriverPack-Solution-15.10-Latest-Version-Download.jpg' alt='Manually Install Device Drivers Pp Joy Setup' title='Manually Install Device Drivers Pp Joy Setup' />Whats more, you can schedule your podcast updates to happen either over WiFi or overnight, adjust playback speed, and build your own playlists either manually or. Getting the cam to produce images drivers Converting cam images to graphics files utility Setting up a Web page to use those graphics files HTML. Shop HPs Online Store for all your computer hardware, accessories, printer needs the best deals. Free Shipping Easy Returns. Shop now. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications IJERA is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research. V. KEMA in The Netherlands CERTIFICATE Certificate Number 5. The Quality System of Grass Valley, Inc. Providence Mine Road 1. SW Greystone Ct. 1. Presidential Way Nevada City, CA 9. Beaverton, OR 9. 70. Floor, Suite 3. 00. Kayak DIGITAL PRODUCTION SWITCHER User Manual SOFTWARE VERSION 6. MAY 2. 00. 7. BeneluxBelgium 3. BeneluxNetherlands 3. N. Europe 4. 5 4. Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe 4. UK, Ireland, Israel 4. Copyright Grass Valley. All rights reserved. This product may be covered by one or more U. S. and foreign patents. Introduction. Kayak System Configuration Overview. Kayak DD Aux Busses. Overview Kayak 1. Panel. Deleting Snapshots and Timelines. Kayak User Manual. Menu and Panel Interactions. Section 5 Kayak Menu Summaries. Transform Menus. Kayak User Manual. Catalog of Effects. Kayak User Manual. C4fx for Kayak HD System. Key Main Menu. Kayak User Manual. Setup. Kayak User Manual. GPI Index Card. Kayak User Manual. Kayak User Manual. Preface About This Manual This Kayak User Manual includes Kayak HD and DD information and is designed as a reference manual for operators of Kayak Production Switcher systems. Standard Documentation Set The standard Kayak HDDD documentation set consists of User Manual. Preface Kayak User Manual. Kayak HD 2. C, which includes a 2 ME Control Panel and a 4 RU Video Processor Frame frame equipped with two ME modules Kayak HD 2. ME Control Panel and a 8 RU Video Processor Frame frame equipped with two ME modules. Section 1 System Overview Kayak DD Switcher Models Two models are available Kayak DD 1 One ME production switcher with the following features Switch able between 5. Fully digital 1. 0 bit, 4 2 2 inputs, outputs, and video processing. Remote monitoring support via optional Net. Central software Four keyers, each with linear, luminance and optional Chromatte chroma key functionality per ME Optional RGB color correction Four channels of high end digital effects Option per ME Kayak User Manual. ME includes cuts and mixes, no wipes or i. DPM, with simple linearlumi nance keyers and no chroma keys. Number of inputs 2. Kayak HD 1. 00. C, 1. C 4. 8 for Kayak HD 2. C, 2. 50. C 4. 8 to 9. Kayak HD 2. 00, 2. Introduction GPI General Purpose Interface inputs Eight to 1. Kayak HD 1. 00. C, 1. C 1. 6 for Kayak HD 2. C, 2. 50. C 1. 6 3. Kayak HD 2. 00, 2. Kayak HD 3. 00, 3. GPITally Outputs. Mode with AB background mix and four LinLum keyers Full ME Upgrade Option. Adds one MixEffects module to any Kayak HD chassis. Order one or more options to get the total MEs required. The 4. RU chassis holds up to two ME modules andor IO Expander modules. System Components System Components Kayak Control Surfaces Kayak Production Switcher systems use a control panel with an integrated menu display color TFT with touch screen. The Sidepanel program, which runs on a user supplied Windows PC, can also be used to control the Kayak system. Section 1 System Overview 1. ME Control Panel Figure 3. Kayak 2 ME Control Panel Positioner Subpanel Keyers Subpanel Delegation Subpanel Graphical Display Effect Subpanel Menu Navigation Buttons Digipots and Menu Buttons ME1 ME1 Transition Lever ME1. System Components 2. ME Control Panel Figure 5. Kayak HD 2. 50. C, 2. Control Panel Figure 6. ME Control Panel, Rear View KAYAK DIGITAL PRODUCTION SWITCHER DC POWER IN RED. DC POWER IN RS 4. RS 2. 32 4. 8V1. A max. Section 1 System Overview Kayak Video Processor Frames Kayak HD 4 RU Frame Figure 7. Kayak 4. RU Frame, Front View with Door Removed Top ME Slot Controller Flash Power Reset 2 USB Bottom ME Slot ME 0 PP and 0. MESystem Components Kayak HD 8 RU Frame Figure 8. Kayak 8. RU Frame, Front View with Door Removed Fan Assembly Flash Power Reset RS 2. USB Air Fi Memory Switch Button Keyboard unused ME 0 PP ME 1 Controller and 0. MEKDD PSU Power Supply Option The KDD PSU option is a one rack unit, wide range AC power supply pro viding power for a remotely mounted Kayak Control Panel or for each additional Control Panel connected to the same processor chassis. Power output is sufficient for two 1 ME systems or one 2 ME system. Video Signal Flow The basic video signal flow Figure 1. .Pes Embroidery File Viewer more. Kayak system has been designed for operational flexibility. For example, all the outputs from the ME are routed back to the video crosspoint matrix, making all these signals accessible to the entire system. White Float 2 Key Key Analog HD Reference Digital Reference Float 2 Bkg Mixer Sync Generator Float 1 Mix Timing Analyzer Analog SD Reference Float 2 Mix Timing Analyzer Kayak User Manual. Video Signal Flow Figure 1. Kayak. DD Vidoe Signal Flow Main Board RY 3. ME Single Mixer Effect Plug In Board RY 3. DPM Video Proc PP Single Mixer Effect Plug In Board RY 3. DPM Video Proc Proc Kayak User Manual. Section 1 System Overview Kayak User Manual. The Kayak Digital Production Switcher is designed for operational flexi bility, and can be configured to fit various applications. Different Kayak systems can have different capabilities, or the same Kayak system can be re configured to have different capabilities at different times. Personality Setting settings that give the operator the ability to cus tomize his individual work surface to meet his personal preferences. All Kayak settings are non volatile. Disk save and load operations are available via the Sidepanel Program that allows users to store configura tion information on the hard disk of a PC or on a movable media for easy transport and for use as backup copies. Kayak HD Incoming video signals are connected to the Kayak HD system via BNC connectors on the rear of the Kayak HD Digital Processor frame. All inputs are serial digital SMPTE 2. M, SMPTE 2. 96. M, SMPTE RP2. Signals from external devices not operating in this standard will need to be converted. Kayak HD system can control Router, DPM, DDR. For a Kayak HD Digital Production Switcher, the term source refers to all the video signals and other attributes associated with a device. This is a funda mental concept. The Kayak HD system is based on sources, not input signals or crosspoints. For details on how to assign sources to buttons please refer to the Kayak Installation and Service Manual. Note E MEM effects store Source IDs, not the source select buttons, so remapping sources does not change the appearance of recalled effects. For a Kayak system, the terms source button and source bus will be used. These terms better reflect a system operating philosophy that is source rather than crosspoint based. For example, on the Kayak HD 1. Section 2 Concepts MixEffects ME Stage Each ME of the Kayak system can create a composite of two or more pic tures. It includes multiple source selection buses and provides transition mix and wipe and keying capabilities on the selected signals. MixEffects ME Stage The Kayak system ME actually has four keyers, each handling a fill and a key signal, and it can accept three background sources A, B, and Utility. Providing individual source selection rows for each bus is impractical, as the panel would become too large. AUX Bus outputs may also be used for special purposes.