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Microsoft Visual C Compiler for Python 2. Look in the setup. If it is an older package it may be importing distutils. I ran in to this in 2. The Microsoft Visual C Compiler for Python 2. An older package that uses distutils. Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 Cluster Edition x64 7. Gb Language english PC Linux Intel announced the release of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018, with updated. FILExt. com is the file extension source. Here youll find a collection of file extensions many linked to the programs that created the files. This is the FILExt home. Intel Fortran Compiler, also known as IFORT, is a group of Fortran compilers from Intel for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Trying to do python setup. If you use a recent version of pip, it will force monkeypatch the package to use setuptools, even if its setup. However, if you are not using pip, and instead are just doing python setup. Step 1 Open the appropriate Visual C 2. Command Prompt. Open the Start menu or Start screen, and search for Visual C 2. Command Prompt if your python is 3. Fortran Training. We are currently providing training in Modern Fortran 20032008. Romancing Saga Rom. F9095 features modules, interfaces, procedures, derived types. Download for Windows. Disable Vista Welcome Center. Note These instructions are intended for developers wanting to develop applications based on GTK, not for endusers. Requirements. FIXME This page may have a number of dangling links, as a result of incomplete import of pages referenced from the old MinGWiki FAQ. If you find such a link, please. Visual C 2. 00. Command Prompt if your python is 6. Run it. The command prompt should say Visual C 2. Step 2 Set environment variables. Set these environment variables in the command prompt you just opened. SET DISTUTILSUSESDK1. Reference http bugs. Step 3 Build and installcd to the package you want to build, and run python setup. If you want to install in to a virtualenv, activate it before you build.