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RTOS FreeRTOS is a truly free professional grade RTOS for microcontrollers that supports 35 MCU architectures and become a market leader. A Portable, open source. Pile Group is an intuitive program for pile group design and analysis pile raft with pile cap. Try it for free, without analysis restrictions. StructurePoint, formerly the PCA Engineering Software Group, offers concrete design software programs updated to ACI 31814 for concrete buildings, concrete. The Xara Gallery A Gallery of illustration and graphic design work created by users of Xara Designer Pro, Xara Photo Graphic Designer and Xara Xtreme. Ground investigation and testing course commences 2nd November 2. Take a look at our new screencasts demonstrating how to use Repute 2. Repute 2 is the UKs leading pile group design program, which no serious pile designer should be without. Repute allows engineers to design single piles subject to vertical loading, according to published design standards such as Eurocode 7pile groups under generalized 3 dimensional loading, using linear or non linear soil models. Repute 2 has many new features and benefits and is available to order now Repute 2. Vacancies Onstream Group Oil and Gas services company. Location CityLagos. Job Description. The COMPANY rep is designated Responsible for Safety and Environment on Site delegate RSES D and is directlyaccountable for the safe execution of the offshore works. INSTALLATION ACTIVITIESThe SERVICE holder is UFR Contractors focal point for day to day activity onboard the installation vessel. In a narrow coordination with the UFR Installation team based in Lagos, the SERVICE holder shall Supervise that the agreed procedures are respected during all the offshore presence of the installation vessel onproject site, mainly for the following activities performed onboard the vessel by URF Contractor Supply Barge activities alongside or at close vicinity of the vessel. Transfer of equipment onboard the vessel. Deck operations. Lifting, overboarding, lowering and landing of subsea structures. Pile Group Design Software' title='Pile Group Design Software' />Repute 2 for onshore pile design. Take a look at our new screencasts demonstrating how to use Repute 2. Repute 2 is the UKs leading pile group design program, which. Subsea ROV works. Ensure that any modification of the agreed procedure is covered by the Management Of Change agreed process. Sign in due time and when satisfactory preparation level has been achieved each specific Ready For Installationcertificate. Communicate with onshore support to Plan the coming operations. Pile Group Design Software' title='Pile Group Design Software' />Pile Group Design SoftwarePile Group Design SoftwareMobilise offshore relevant personnel from other packages i. SPS Umbilical Contractor PersonnelCommunicate, in accordance with the defined project procedures, with COMPANY Representative acting onboardother vessels working at Site in case of co activities or SIMOPS activities. Ensure, when relevant, the interface onboard the vessel between MWS Representative and URF Contractor andensure, in accordance with MWS agreed scope, that relevant MWS certificate has been issued. Ensure that ICAPS are filled, signed and transferred to URF Contractors ICAPS Coordinator. Ensure recording of daily report activities on board and approves the daily report issued by CONTRACTOR. Thisreporting shall include activities on board the vessel but also any other activities interfacing with his own activities. The SERVICE holder will lead the COMPANY supervision team onboard the vessel. HSEThe SERVICE holder is responsible, onboard the installation vessel, to ensure that COMPANY HSE standards are appliedthroughout the operations and participates to hazard assessments for any activity involving the vessel. The company rep shall lead the offshore team and shall demonstrate exemplary HSE behavior to ensure all works on thevessel shall be conducted in a safe manner according to the Clients Golden Rules, CONTRACTOR HSE rules and internationaland local regulations. He is the COMPANYs focal point in case of an emergency onboard the vessel and ensures properimplementation of the emergency response procedures. In particular the UFR OFFSHORE COMPANY REPRESENTATIVEshall Regularly call meetings to remind and motivate the COMPANY and CONTRACTOR offshore team of the HSEprinciples. Ensure all meetings start with a Safety Moment. Ensure all offshore works are risk assed. Ensure that toolbox talks are conducted at the start of each shift and Clients Golden Rules are enforced for eachoperation. Stop all unsafe acts onboard the vessel and enforce the authority of all his team members to stop unsafe acts. Report improvement, anomalies and incidents according to the HSE management system on board the vessel andto the UFR HSE Manager according to the project procedures. Not engage in any unsafe acts. Job Requirements. Cost To Replace A Window With A Sliding Door. C3aAi_fVEkM/T-yA98kpZBI/AAAAAAAAE9s/-8DPnpUJJpw/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/pile+cap+design+and+analysis+software.JPG' alt='Pile Group Design Software' title='Pile Group Design Software' />Sound background in Oil and Gas installations, marine operations and offshore construction. Minimum 1. 0 years experience in Design and Installation of Subsea Deepwater Steel Structures or previous exposure to. UFR EPCI projects. Good knowledge of international structural design codes standards and Clients general specifications. Good organizational skills. Experience in leadership and team management. Fluent in English verbal and written. BOSIET certificate.