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The Test Run BMF Series Gagged. Utopias Story Archive. The Test Run BMF Series. Readers Comments 1. Screen Barging Software' title='Screen Barging Software' />Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Dead Poets Society script at the Internet Movie Script Database. Wall Street script at the Internet Movie Script Database. View and Download Yealink CP960 user manual online. HD IP CONFERENCE PHONE. CP960 IP Phone pdf manual download. Snoopys Pledging 100K for a Dog Charity with New Mobile Game. Samit Sarkar, Polygon. Snoopys latest interactive adventure is a puzzle game called Snoopy Pop. Authors Note The Internet of things why not integrate that with bondage The technology is already there to make this device, I think it is more a question of liability and other legal issues. But technically absolutely doable. Chapter 1, the Test Ride. Lucy could barely wait but she had to. After delivery, the BMF required substantial setup. It also required ploughing through a lot of documentation, but eventually all was in order and system tests were complete. The new Bondage Master Frame was ready for its first ride. It was not something that could be hidden away in a cupboard, in fact, it took all of her spare bedroom, and it only fitted in after she removed all other furniture. The shiny stainless steel, the leather pads, the leg rests, seat, and armrests it all looked very ominous. Java Program To Print Number Patterns there. And extremely thrilling. Lucy had never met a man that could control her. So when she saw the ad for the Bondage Master Frame, she just knew she had to get it. I mean really had to get it. Like nothing else mattered more. It took her a good six months to raise the 2. Mark IV model cost. Windows Xp Service Pack 2 .Iso. She was trembling with anticipation as she pressed the ON switch. The big LCD screen lit up, ran through some self tests and presented her with a menu. She touched the Setup icon. Half an hour later, she was done with setup. The frame or rather the computer controlling the frame now knew about her size, kinks, limits and medical conditions as well as an emergency contact to call. The first screen after setup just had one button Test Run. The instructions had said she had to be fully naked, so she stripped before her shaking hand touched the button. Put on your cuffs The male voice was deep and loaded with authority. Yes, Master, she responded as by reflex. With shaking hands, she put cuffs on her ankles and wrists. She had chosen male dominant in the setup. Put on your hood She reached for the heavy hood that came with the frame and slid it on her head. It shut out all light and sound. It had a compartment for her long hair in the neck, so she had already gathered it in a bun. Test ride commencingShe heard five clicks and realized that her cuffs and the helmet now had been locked on. She had a screen in front of her eyes, and for the moment, the screen showed what she would normally see. Mount the frame The voice was now inside her helmet, and very loud, something that did not lessen the authority of it at all. She sat on the frame and her cuffs and the collar of the hood snapped into place, leaving her well restrained, arms to the side, feet together and straight. She heard a softer female voice Oh dear, it looks like you fell for it, well now you are in for a ride, and there is nothing you can do about that. May I suggest that you just relax and enjoy things The test ride only lasts for an hour, so it will not be that bad. In your order, you wanted unrelenting control. In the setup, you, despite three warnings, disabled the safe word option. It is time to live the consequences girl. Open wideShe opened her mouth and a big, penis shaped gag was pushed in, and then inflated until she could barely breathe. At the same time, the screen went black and her ears were filled with white noise. Then nothing happened. She was kept immobile, blinded and with ears filled with white noise. Her legs were moved to the side, stretching her into a split wider than she had imagined she could manage herself. It was hurting. But then again nothing more happened for a long while. Oh my god, it has malfunctioned I am going to die like this, she said behind the gag, but it sounded more like o ai od eh ah ahunkeh a ae oheehe ou ai aih ich. There was no give anywhere. Nothing happened. More nothing. Even more nothing. She started screaming, but no sound escaped the hood. She was crying, mumbling pleas for release behind the gag. Her nose started clogging up from the tears, making it even harder to breathe. Panic overtook her, but yielded no release. Eventually she slumped down, defeated. There was nothing more she could do. The realization that she was well and thoroughly helpless, and at the mercy of a machine, actually made her aroused. If only she could get some physical stimulation where it mattered. She had no idea of how long she was kept immobile. The passivity was broken when a vibrator was applied directly to the area above her clit. The vibrations drove her arousal level through the roof in minutes, she came and slumped back, but the vibrations never stopped. She was pushed from orgasm to orgasm, getting sorer each time. She screamed, begged, cursed, but the machine never relented. She could take no more still she had to endure more. And more. And more. Her breath was ragged, she struggled for air, and her fingers were clawing at the armrests. Her legs were shaking and her body was covered by sweat. A powerful electric zap hit both her thighs. She screamed out in pain. She was zapped again and again and again. Her arousal plummeted. She felt only searing pain. She cried, cursed and shook. Still she was held perfectly in her white noise darkness. The vibrator on her clit started again. Against her will, she was driven to another orgasm. And then another. After the last one, she was babbling incoherently into her gag. When the vibrator failed to stop, she cursed and screamed, because it was no longer bringing her pleasure, just pain from her most sensitive body part. Then it all stopped. Fire Pro Wrestling English Patch on this page. The female voice sounded again inside the helmet You wanted lack of control. You got a feel for that. But just a feel. When locked in, the frame operates based on what you have set as your limits. You should therefore carefully examine your settings before your next ride. You have only experienced a fraction of what this device is capable of. It will get really interesting next time when you will be allowed to place yourself available on our web site. There are some pretty perverted men and women out there. You will be fully at their mercy for as long as you set your timer, subject of course to any limits you have set on the frame. This brings up a consideration though Those with many limits are less interesting for the users to play with than those with fewer limits. So choose carefully in the setup menu. You will now enter the cooldown period that follows every session. You are still aroused. The cooldown period ends when you have well cooled down. Her legs were moved together. The gag deflated. Then it was quiet a long time. She drifted in and out of sleep until she heard a buzz and her cuffs and helmet were unlocked from the frame. She got up, very unsteady. She removed the cuffs and the helmet. Whow, this has been insane, she mumbled to herself. She had been fully out of control. Her body hurt, and her clit was a throbbing centre of pain. It was exactly as she had hoped. She checked the time she had been on the frame for a good three hours. Therefore, it must have taken her two hours to cool down. She pressed the touch screen and a message appeared Frame action initiation blocked for 2. Hard coded, non overrideable. You may enter setup to set limits for the next session. Lucy did not know if she was relieved or not. But thinking of it, another session would be pure hell maybe more hell than she wanted. Maybe the timeout was sensible. On the other hand, she really wanted to abandon control again, to place herself at the mercy of the web surfers.