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Love-AnimatIon-Cursor.jpg' alt='Software Cursor Mouse Gaming' title='Software Cursor Mouse Gaming' />Best Gaming Mouse 2. Whats the best gaming mouse We run you through the best mice weve reviewed recently, from budget wired mice to premium wireless models. Plus, we offer our humble advice on how to choose your perfect mouse. Retail Marketing And Branding Ebook. Click here to jump to our product recommendations. DPIDPI stands for dots per inch. Its one of the first things youll see mouse makers shouting about when they launch a new product. Its shorthand for how sensitive your mouse is. A high DPI means your cursor will move further relative to your hand movement. Logitech Trackman Marble Trackball optical 2 buttons wired USB The Logitech TrackMan Marble gives you superior comfort for either hand. LOGITECH G502 Proteus Core Optical Gaming Mouse Tunable design 20012,000 dpi adjustment 300 ips speed dualmode scroll wheel 11 programmable buttons wired USB. Visit Logitech for computer keyboards and mouse combos that give you the perfect mix of style, features, and price for your work and lifestyle. A low DPI, by contrast, will move a shorter distance. Each gaming mouse will have a DPI range e. A very high DPI would be something like 1. Most office mice will have a DPI of well below 1,0. The majority of gamers will find 8. The advantage of having a high DPI is that you can perform reactive actions quicker, because your cursor is moving faster. The disadvantage is that the higher sensitivity you choose, the harder the mouse is to control because the cursor is moving so quickly. Most people wont venture to lofty heights like 1. DPI equals a better mouse. Logitech G602 Gaming Mouse review A trusty wireless gaming mouse for a reasonable price. Author Sean Keachhttpssocial. ForumswindowsenUS820764ce97f649e69735014531664e0dcorruptmousecursoriconforumw7itproui hIDSERP,5270. Corrupt Mouse Cursor Icon social. Every now and then my mouse cursor icon will turn into a bunch of horizontal lines extending the height of the real icon with some of the colors of what it. Auto Clicker Download Clicker and Automate Mouse Cursor Mouse Clicker Softwares to automate mouse movement and clicks. Turn your routine work into modern art. IOGraph is an application that turns mouse movements into modern art. The idea is that you have the program running in the. In computing, a computer keyboard is a typewriterstyle device which uses an arrangement of buttons or keys to act as a mechanical lever or electronic switch. With 20 buttons, the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is the most customizable and easy to use mouse specifically designed for your favorite MMOs. Learn more. Whats the best gaming mouse We test a whole bunch ranging from budget wired models up to premium wireless gaming kit. Finding the best gaming mouse actually depends on your preferences regarding games. Which genre do you prefer, FPS, MMO, RTS or MOBAHowever, if you have a high resolution think QHD or 4. K monitor, buying a high DPI mouse can be advantageous. Thats because your cursor has more pixels to travel across, so higher DPI settings wont seem as fast when compared to using a 1. Polling Rate. The polling rate is how often your mouse will report its position to the computer. A high polling rate means your mouse is telling your computer where it is more often. Thats good, because it means your cursor will be more accurately reflecting your mouse movements. However, a high polling rate also means your computer is having to work harder to understand where you mouse is, because its receiving more data per second. Most high end mice cap out at 1,0. Hz, which means theyre reporting their position 1,0. Fortunately, companies like Razer and Logitech let you change polling rate on the fly, so you dont have to settle for the maximum if youre using a low end computer. Its generally accepted that its hard to tell the difference between 5. Hz and 1,0. 00. Hz. But youll definitely notice the difference between 1. Hz and 1,0. 00. Hz, because the mouse will jutter a little more. Thats why polling rate is important but, as with DPI, dont assume that a higher number is always better. Wired vs Wireless. For the longest time, it was generally accepted that wireless gaming mice simply werent good enough for professional gaming. Thats because of latency, or lag. A wireless connection is generally slower than a wired connection, due to the nature of the medium. So if a wired mouse reports to your computer in 1ms, and a wireless mouse reports to your computer in 5ms, its obvious that you should choose the wired device. Behringer Truth B2031a. But thanks to advances in wireless technology, many wireless mice now claim 1ms basically instantaneous connections, including the Logitech G9. Razer Mamba 2. 01. As such, its not really fair to ward users off wireless mice anymore, at least because of latency anyway. In fact, Cloud. 9s Counter. Strike Global Offensive team is using the wireless Logitech G9. But there are also other things to consider. Wireless mice tend to be heavier, due to the onboard battery. But then theyre good because you dont have cables getting in the way. Wired mice, on the other hand, will always be low latency, irrespective of quality. Theyre also typically lighter, generally cost less than wireless mice, and are more widely available. These trade offs are something youll have to make up your own mind on. RGB lighting. Gaming mice arent just about performance, though, with seemingly every gaming mouse now coming equipped with multi coloured lighting that can be adjusted to suit the players preference. Its worth paying attention to how many individually lit zones the mouse has, since this will determine the size and scope for RGB customisation. If you want to synchronise lighting effects between other peripherals, youll need to buy into the same brand ecosystem.