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The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' title='The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' />Offerings PUAKAI HEALINGPlease join us in welcoming my dear friends, beloved Peruvian Medicine Women Doa Ysabel and Doa Olinda known as The Twins to the East End of New York. As Curanderas for over 3. The Twins will be offering San Pedro Mesada Ceremonies, Private Healing Sessions and Workshops. They are traveling all the way from the North Coast of Peru to offer their beautiful feminine energy as they guide us in healing our energy bodies and reconnecting with Mother Earth. The Twins attribute their gifts to the guiding spirit of San Pedro, who informs them as to what work needs to be done on each client to obtain wholeness. San Pedro is the traditional Saint that chose them as healers and is also represented by the plant San Pedro. Traditionally for thousands of years, the spirit of this plant is ingested to expand ones ability to heal others. The Twins, having worked with this spirit for so long, can access its guidance at any time without any herbal assistance. The Twins heal clients by several methods hands on healing as in private sessions, the use of herbs and teas, as well as the traditional core ceremony of the North Coast of Peru, known as the San Pedro Mesada Ceremony. This ceremony deepens the individual work the Twins do, and helps to rapidly clear the heavy energy in the clients field. Masaru Emoto July 22nd, 1943 October 17th, 2014 he was born in Yokohama in July 1943. He is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal Universitys department of. I/417XD6eHzLL.jpg' alt='The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' title='The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' />In this ceremony, the Twins guide the group to directly experience the spirit of San Pedro and in doing so release years of accumulated heavy energy. Please Note The Twins speak Spanish and we will have a translator present who speaks in English. OFFERINGS SAN PEDRO MESADA CEREMONYThe San Pedro Mesada Ceremony is their signature healing ceremony which they use nightly back at their home in Chiclayo. This ceremony originated in North Coastal Peru and has been used for 1,0. Moche culture, which is a civilization that pre dates the Inkas. Special Tactics And Rescue Squad Patch. Doa Ysabel channels the Spirit of San Pedro and offers deep healing to the group. Clinic Manager Software here. Doa Olinda works with sacred wooden swords removing unwanted energies, clearing the Light Body, cutting chords and awakening inner seeds of knowledge stored in the DNA. The ceremonies goal is the healing of the participants and assists in opening the heart, creating greater connection to Spirit, and removing accumulated heavy energy from ones field. The group participates in the drinking of a sacred homeopathic herbal tea made from the San Pedro plant. This is an active ceremony, where participants are directed to move and shake out limbs to assist in the removal of the dense energies that have accumulated in the body. The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' title='The True Power Of Water By Masaru Emoto' />Before I started working on myself, I had no interest in ecology. I wasted a lot of resources such as water, paper, electricity, gas, etc. Burzynski is the story of a medical doctor and Ph. D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest and possibly the most convoluted and. Water is the driving force of all nature. Leonardo da Vinci Water makes most of earths surface and most of our human bodies. In the following discussion I cover a frequently asked question Is drinking Distilled Water either better or worse for health than drinking water that still contains. People of all ages have participated and adjustments can be made based on your mobility. This is a very safe experience and the tea does not induce any psychotropic effects. Evening ceremonies are open for 1. Exchange 2. 50 USDSaturday, Sept 2. Location Private Home in East Hampton, NY OPEN Wednesday, Sept 2. Location Private Home in East Hampton, NY OPEN Friday, Sept 2. Location Good Water Farms, Bridgehampton, NY an option to camp overnight at the farm following ceremony A FEW MORE SPACES ARE OPEN PRIVATE HEALING SESSIONIn a 1 hour Private Healing Session with The Twins, Dona Ysabel and Olinda, you will receive a powerful combination of a diagnostic reading, cleansing, healing and blessing. A deep healing session is the Twins specialty. They are sought out in their hometown of Northern Peru to cure issues relating from terminal illness to poor health to unhealthy relationships. They are famous for healing the impossible and credited with miraculous healings. They are also wonderful with children. Both healers work on you during the session and if you have special requests or issues, please let the Twins know at the beginning of your session so that they may best support you. Exchange 2. USDLocation Private Home in East Hampton, NYSunday, Sept 2. SOLD OUTTuesday, Sept 2. SOLD OUTThursday, Sept 2. SOLD OUTWORKSHOPSThe Healing Power of Plants and Methods for Spiritual Land ClearingDate Monday, Sept 2. Time 1. 0 5pm Full Day WorkshopLocation Good Water Farms, Bridgehampton, NYExchange 2. USDThe Twins have a profound connection with the plant kingdom and they will share their techniques for using plants to heal the subtle energy body. Together we will enjoy a walk on the farm and explore native plants of North America that can be used as instruments of healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We will learn the qualities and uses of plants that the Twins use at their clinic on the North Coast of Peru. They will also teach students how to prepare and offer their powerful healing bath technique. The flowering banos baths are designed to shift the Auras vibration with the purpose to create, attract and manifest Abundance, Health and Love. The Twins will teach us about denser energies, entities and how to close energy portals in homes and on land. When we spiritually clear land, a higher frequency of light energy can be found which leads to a greater state of wellbeing for the individuals who inhabit this space and our Mother Earth. Mouse Guard Rpg. Working with Crystals for WellbeingDate Wednesday, Sept 2. Time 1. 0 1pm Half Day WorkshopLocation Private Home in East Hampton, NYExchange 1. USDDoa Ysabel, has been guided and directed by the plant spirit of San Pedro to teach how to work with crystals in new ways to protect and enhance the light body. The energies coming into the Earth are strong and are creating difficulties in the body. The crystal tools will help participants to expand the light body without fragmenting, reinforce and strengthen the Light body, protect the Light Body from negative or denser energies. The Twin Shamans will teach how to stay balanced and grounded by using crystals, purchasing and clearing your crystals, activating your crystals, the Crystal Altar, rituals for cleansing with crystals and recipes for sacred Crystal Baths. Women please bring a piece of clear quartz and men please bring a different color quartz. BOOKING INSTRUCTIONSSTEP 1. Email Maggie mharrsengmail. Ceremony or Private Session with preferred date and time. STEP 2. When your space is confirmed please submit your exchange within 2. Due to the nature of The Twins offerings and the preparation for their journey from Peru to New York, we are unable to offer refunds for ceremonies  private sessions booked. If however, there is another time slot available we may be able to accommodate your preference. Thank you in advance for your compassion and understanding. STEP 3. Submit your exchange via Venmo or Paypal as Friends and Family to mharrsengmail. If you would like to pay with a Credit Card through Paypal, please email Maggie and she will send you an invoice as Paypal charges you a small fee to use your credit card. If you are paying directly through your bank account there is no fee by Paypal. STEP 4. You will then receive a confirmation email from Maggie with all details for your Ceremony or Private Session, including our location address and preparation details. BIOSDoa Ysabel Chinguel and Doa Olinda Pintado are famous Curanderas from the North Coast of Peru Chiclayo, featured in Dr. Bonnie Glass Coffins acclaimed book, The Gift of Life. They work with their mesa and plant medicine. Known as The Twins, they work in their community as respected healers. They use ancient traditional ways to treat people. The focus of their medicine is to put you at peace with the Spirits of the Universe.