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T4170/c/T4170_04.jpg?20160913200545' alt='Veneer Three Font' title='Veneer Three Font' />The Supreme Court cancels a travel ban hearing after Donald Trump issues a new order. THREE months after the Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a provisional green light to implement its second try at a ban on travel from several majority Muslim countries, the justices have scrapped a hearing scheduled for October 1. Custom Laser Cutting Laser Engraving Services Your trusted source for precision quality Laser cutting and engraving, personalization CNC Router cutting,engraving. A failed state is a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. When design thinking is applied to strategy and innovation, the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. Learn how to think like a designer. ACCENTS. 13688. Aztek Fourdoor credenza with three fixed shelves and wire management on back panel. Webb Tendrawer waterbased finish accent chest in. The wars between Trump, the media, the deep state, and the progressive party replete with charges and countercharges of scandal, collusion, and corruption. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Veneer Three Font' title='Veneer Three Font' />Veneer Three Font FreeThe parties in Trump v International Refugee Assistance Project and Trump v Hawaii have until October 5th to send new briefs to the justices outlining where the litigation should go next, but in the meantime, the cases have been wiped off the argument calendar. Donald Trumps March 6th order banning all travel from six countriesIran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemenwas not received well by the judiciary. Appeals courts concluded in the spring that the restrictions, along with a ban on refugees, seemed to violate the First Amendment or exceed presidential power under federal immigration law. On June 2. 6th, the Supreme Court issued an injunction staying those rulings, saying Mr Trumps ban could go into effect to block foreigners except for those claiming relatives or formal connections in America. The justices agreed to hear the full case in the autumn. Upgrade your inbox. Receive our Daily Dispatch and Editors Picks newsletters. There was always a tricky question of timing the entry and refugee bans were limited to 9. Toshiba Power Saver. That meant the Supreme Courts temporary approval of the order would cover the entirety of the entry ban which expired on September 2. October 2. 4th. The justices generally do not hear cases that have been made moot by the passage of time, and it was unclear over the summer how they would regard a ban that had all but elapsed when they convened in October for oral argument. Over the weekend, when Mr Trump issued a new presidential proclamation, the question of mootness took on particular significance. Rather than just let the order fizzle, or re up it as is, Mr Trump issued a revised ban that arguably satisfied his recently tweeted preference for larger, tougher and more specific travel restrictions. One country, Sudan, came off the verboten list, while three were added North Korea, Chad and Venezuela. At first glance, these edits gave the new order a more evenhanded veneer three new countries on three different continents, only one of which Chad is Muslim majority. But on only slightly closer inspection, the changes were rather minor. North Korea, the regime Mr Trump has been threatening with complete destruction and which has been vehemently returning that rhetoric, does not exactly supply a steady stream of tourists to America. The restrictions on Venezuela are limited to a handful of government officials and their families. Anthony Romero of the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU says the refinements to the travel ban do not obfuscate the real fact that the administrations order is still a Muslim ban. Mr Trumps original sin of targeting Muslims cannot be cured, Mr Romero says, by throwing other countries onto his enemies list. The administration insists that non Muslim countries were added to the list for legitimate reasonsand not to make the order less legally fraught. In a response to queries, the administration answers the key questionIsnt this just a way to ban Muslims from entering the countrythis way Religion was not a factor. The goal is to enhance information sharing practices in order to keep Americans safe and to improve overall global security. And then, in a larger font and with a typo, this hastily penned addendum In addition, both Muslin sic and Non Muslim majority countries were identified. Whatever the motive behind the tweaks, they make the proclamation less likely to provoke unfavourable rulings from federal judges. The legal challenges to the earlier travel bans were never open and shut despite the plaintiffs success at the district and circuit court levels, the Supreme Courts five justice conservative majority would have been difficult to persuade that Mr Trumps order was an illegitimate exercise of presidential animus toward Muslims. The revisions might be mere window dressing, but given the latitude presidents enjoy in matters of immigration and foreign policy, they may be all Mr Trump needs to defend his new travel ban once the lawsuits start flying. Following an Additional Child Fatality, IKEA Recalls 2. Million MALM and Other Models of Chests and Dressers Due to Serious Tip Over Hazard Consumers Urged to Anchor Chests and Dressers or Return for Refund. WASHINGTON, D. C. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC, in cooperation with IKEA North America, of Conshohocken, Pa., is announcing the recall of all chests and dressers that do not comply with the performance requirements of the U. S. voluntary industry standard ASTM F2. The recalled childrens chests and dressers are taller than 2. Purchase Order Form on this page. The 2. 9 million units of recalled chests and dressers include MALM 3 drawer, 4 drawer, 5 drawer and three 6 drawer models and other childrens and adult chests and dressers. The recalled chests and dressers are unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall, posing a serious tip over and entrapment hazard that can result in death or serious injuries to children. On July 2. 2, 2. 01. CPSC and IKEA announced a repair program for the chests and dressers that included a free wall anchoring repair kit for the MALM chests and dressers and other IKEA chests and dressers. CPSC and IKEA were aware of two tragic fatalities involving MALM chests and dressers that occurred prior to the announcement of the repair program In February 2. West Chester, Pa. Veneer Three Font' title='Veneer Three Font' />MALM chest tipped over and fatally pinned him against his bed. In June 2. 01. 4, a 2. Snohomish, Wash. died after he became trapped beneath a 3 drawer MALM chest that tipped over. Subsequent to the July 2. CPSC and IKEA learned of additional tip over incidents, including a February 2. Apple Valley, Minn. MALM 6 drawer chest fell on top of him. Most recently, CPSC has identified and provided to IKEA a fourth report of a fatality that reportedly occurred in September 2. A 2 year old boy from Woodbridge, Va. MALM 3 drawer chest tipped over, and trapped the child between the dresser drawers. None of the chests or dressers in the above listed incidents had been anchored to the wall. In addition to the four deaths, IKEA received reports of 4. MALM chests and dressers, resulting in 1. The MALM chests and dressers are constructed of particleboard or fiberboard and are white, birch veneer, medium brown, black brown, white stained oak veneer, oak veneer, pink, turquoise, grey, grey turquoise, lilac, green, brown stained ash veneer, and black. A 5 digit supplier number, 4 digit date stamp, IKEA logo, country of origin and MALM are printed on the underside of the top panel or inside the side panel. Since 1. 99. 6, IKEA chests and dressers have been labeled to identify IKEA, the model name and the manufacturing date. The recalled MALM chests were sold from 2. June 2. 01. 6 for between 7. RECALLED MALM CHESTS AND DRESSERSNames. Sold Dates. Measurements. MALM 3. 102. 00. MALM 4. MALM 5. 102. 00. MALM 6. MALM 6 LONG1. 12. MALM 6. 42. 00. 6 to 62. IKEA also received 4. MALMs, resulting in the deaths of three children and 1. In July 1. 98. 9, a 2. Mt. Vernon, Va. died after an unanchored GUTE 4 drawer chest tipped over and pinned her against the footboard of a youth bed. In March 2. 00. 2, a 2 year old boy from Cranford, N. J. died after an unanchored RAKKE 5 drawer chest tipped over and fatally pinned him to the floor. In October 2. 00. Chula Vista, Calif. KURS 3 drawer chest tipped over and fatally pinned her to the floor. It is unknown as to whether the dresser was anchored or not. OTHER RECALLED CHESTS AND DRESSERSMost of the non MALM chests and dressers included in this recall are listed on the IKEA website pdf. Since 1. 99. 6, IKEA chests and dressers have been labeled to identify IKEA, the model name and the manufacturing date. CPSC and IKEA are urging consumers to inspect their recalled IKEA chests and dressers to ensure that they are properly anchored to the wall. Chests and dressers should be properly anchored to the wall whether or not they meet the ASTM standard. Consumers should move any unanchored chests and dressers into storage or other areas where they cannot be accessed by children until the chests and dressers are properly anchored to the wall or removed from the home. To receive a refund or free wall anchoring kit for IKEA chests and dressers listed above, visit an IKEA retail store, go to http www. USikea chest and dresser recallindex. A child dies every two weeks and a child is injured every 2. U. S. from furniture or TVs tipping over, according to CPSC data.