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Top 2. 5 Veterinary Technician Schools In the USThere are dozens of different veterinary schools and colleges in the United States of America, but the truth is that only some of them truly stand out from the crowd. It is important to find the one that offers you the desired degree program be it a Bachelors program, a Masters or a Doctoral Degree program. That being said, here is our list of the top 2. U. S. read about our ranking methodology Cornell vet techs treat all species. This is one of the worlds most reputable universities a four year private school, the college offers an advanced Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program that includes thorough coursework in animal health and disease, cell biology, genetics, function and dysfunctions of the animal body and such. It is a great choice for those who want to get a deeper insight into veterinary science. Pima equine vet tech student. The Pima Medical Institute has been around for more than 4. This is the largest independently owned private school in the United States of America, and it is accredited by the ABHES as well. CSU veterinary communication student. Another important veterinary school in the US is the Colorado State University located in Forth Collins. Widely known as one of the most energy friendly schools in the US, this was rated by the US News and World Report as one of the leading veterinary schools. Research and medicine meets at Penn Vet. The School of Veterinary Medicine within the University of Pennsylvania was established more than 1. United States. Back when the school was founded, in 1. Human and Veterinary Medicine were regarded as one medicine. Clinical Skills Training Center offering students space to perfect techniques. Learn how to become a vet tech in the state of Utah. What you need to know and a selection of veterinary technician programs in Utah. The School of Vet Medicine here has a very modern vet teaching hospital, state of the art laboratory equipment for both research and teaching, as well as modern lab space. College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University. Vet Tech and Veterinarian Admissions. The admissions procedures to become a veterinary technician differ according to each school. A high school diploma or GED. At Virginia Tech University. Features research, admissions, hospitals, and continuing education. Several community colleges in Illinois offer veterinary technology programs, while only one university offers a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Vet tech. Vet Tech Degree ProgramThis is one of the four year schools that offer AVMA accredited vet technician training programs in the United States of America, and it is ranked amongst the top 7. It offers both a Certificate of Completion in Vet Technology and a Bachelors Degree in Veterinary Technology. Hands on training is part of the education at Houston Vet Tech. The Vet Tech Institute is located in Houston, Texas and it can help you earn an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Vet Technology, in only 1. Veterinary-Technology/PublishingImages/IMG_4116cs.jpg' alt='Vet Tech Degree Program' title='Vet Tech Degree Program' />The program is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. NCTA vet tech major. The University of Nebraska Lincoln was also ranked within the top 1. It offers Bachelors degree programs and Associates Degree programs, and it is accredited by AVMA. HS-Vet-Tech-Program-2.JPG?itok=9QTvzZEY' alt='Vet Tech Degree Program' title='Vet Tech Degree Program' />Located in the southern Dallas County, the Cedar Valley College features an advanced Veterinary Technology Program accredited by AVMA back in 1. National Board exams to become LVTs in the state of Texas after the completion of the program. Flowers Vs Zombies. Jefferson State Community College. This is a distance education program that offers veterinary technician programs, combining theory classes for a minimum of 2. The clinical skills will then be performed at a local clinical site next to you. Mesa Community College Veterinary Technology. This community college also has an advanced Animal Health and Veterinary Technology training program where students will study animal care and management, veterinary medical care, basic medical science and such. The program also includes training and practical, clinical experience on large and small animals. UC Davis Veterinarian Helps Evaluate Reproduction Concerns with Endangered Species. The University of California Davis has also been designated by the US News and World Report as one of the top schools of Veterinary Medicine in the United States, and it offers both basic veterinary technician training classes and Masters of Preventative Veterinary Medicine courses, where students have full access to various research and animal care facilities. Los Angeles Pierce Pierce College Vet Techs. Located in Southern California, the Los Angeles Pierce College is one of the most renowned veterinary technician schools in California, and it offers courses in more than 1. Yuba College Shelter Medicine Certificate of Training. The Yuba College also offers a Vet Tech program that teaches all the abilities, skills and knowledge one needs to become a RVT, or a Registered Veterinary Technician. CSI Veterinary Technology. Another reputable college that offers Vet Tech training programs is the College of Southern Idaho, which offers those who are interested the opportunity to combine their passion for animals with their passion for science and medicine. This is Idahos first college to offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in progressive veterinary technology. Rockford Career College Veterinary Technician Program. This college offers extensive training for Vet Tech graduates who want to practice in clinics, hospitals, private research facilities and veterinary offices. Brown Mackie College in Fort Wayne Veterinary Technology. The Brown Mackie College also offers an advanced course in Veterinary Technology AAS, where students can combine their passion for animals with their love for science. They can also practice their skills and knowledge in areas of animal patient care, surgical assisting, laboratory procedures and such. Harrison College Vet Techs giving dog examination. What makes the Harrison College a particularly good choice for those who want to pursue a career as veterinary technicians is the fact that it is accredited not just by the American Veterinary Medical Association Committee, but also by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in the United States of America. Northwestern Connecticut Community College Vet Tech Program. This community college offers vet techs a two year Associates Degree program, and the training program consists of in depth studies in fields like biological research facilities, veterinary offices, veterinary employment fields and such. The program is AVMA accredited. Student In Vet Tech Institute. The Vet Tech Institute features 1. The program is accredited by both the AVMA and the CVTEA. Vet Tech Program at Delgado Community College. The Delgado Community College is also accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association and upon the completion of the training program, students can take the Vet Tech National Examination. The Community College has had very high pass rates over the past three years College of Veterinary Medicine at University of Minnesota. This college admits up to 1. This vet tech school features the Veterinary Medical Center, which is the busiest vet teaching hospital in the entire country. The Texas A M College of Veterinary Medicine Animal Hospital. Founded almost 1. Texas A M College of Veterinary Medicine has graduated more than 6,0. Vet Medicine in both the US and Canada. The UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. This school offers not just a doctorate in veterinary medicine, but also comprehensive post doctoral training for both residents and interns. There is also an interdisciplinary masters degree in biomedical science and veterinary science. North Carolina State University. Last, but not least, the College of Vet Medicine within the North Carolina State University is yet another renowned med school, and it features a VTH Veterinary Teaching Hospital that diagnoses and treats more than 2.