Windows Vista Boots Black Screen Mouse

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Windows Boots Into Black Screen' title='Windows Boots Into Black Screen' />PC Boots to black screen with mouse cursor. Try re seating the RAM. I know how stupidly simple that sounds, but youd be surprised However, be sure to unplug all power Even if you think the system is off, its NOT So unplug batteries and unplug power cords just to be sure you dont fry your RAM when you re seat it. Even more stupid would be to forget disconnecting all USB devices less KB and mouse. Hopefully, I dont need to say any more there. Then check the BIOS which I believe you said you did. But I have a problem when you say all you can do is manipulate the boot order since thats not likely the BIOS settings. Personally, Ive never seen a BIOS where the date and time couldnt be adjusted. So if you cant at least set the date and time then Id bet dollars to doughnuts that youre not really in the BIOS. Typically, you press the DEL key shortly after powering on to get into the BIOS. But that key could instead be something else like the ESC key or F1, or F2. Windows Boot Manager Black ScreenSorry, I cant recall what Sony typically sets it to. And once in the BIOS you might want to pay attention to all areas related to RAM and CPU functions. This is a whole other area of discussion but just know that even one bad setting can result in a very sluggish system. VISTA Black Screen white mouse pointer. Windows boots to a black screen. Mouse pointer. Vista hangs with black screen and only mouse pointer. Next you might want to check all connections and make sure you dont have a failing hard drive or something. Cause from what you said, it sounds quite likely that your HDD may be on its last legs. Hopefully, you have things backed up too. Then again, you may just need to re partition andor re format which will kill everything on it. So before you do anything else, you may want to check with the HDD manufacturer and see if there isnt a diagnostic boot disk you can get usually by downloading an. CD that you then boot with. One other suggestion might be to try booting a live Ubuntu CD which is pretty much done exactly the same way where you download an. Warcraft 3 No Cd Patch Battle.Net. CD that you then boot with. I turned on my laptop this morning it shows me loading windows but after that before any login screen the screen just goes black and has a white cursor on it. This is known as a KSOD blacK Screen Of Dead, its not to be confused with the more popular term BSOD Blue Screen Of Death a KSOD happens after the login s. Why does the black screen with cursor only. NO mouse cursor solved Windows 8 Blank Black. PC Boots to Black Screen with only. And in case you didnt know, you can boot to a fully functioning although somewhat sluggish system when booting from a live Linux distribution such as Ubuntu. So if you can at least do that much then its almost a guarantee that you have bad HDD or some other SATAPATA controller issues. I cant say if any of that would work, but those would be my first steps.